Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hello and random thought


I'm back blogging again, and I promised myself to blog more since the day I back Melaka. But is getting hard for me to blog as my house internet still not yet fix, and I'm bored to blog random stuff.

I usually post photo in my instagram, and I am quite instagram person, so end up I gave up blogging for sometimes. Sorry for ignoring this since 2012. Even thought I blog some throughout the years, but it doesn't sound right plus the way I blog got shorten.

Just thinking about the first day I blog, and it was on my birthday 2008 . It was really very random, but I still very excited to blog it. And believe it or not? I actually blog every single day just like a diary of the day. Random stuff from assignment complaint to chocolate, I am very random person from random place, Melaka. Sound funny isn't?

I bet most of us blog from diary thought I still blog random things nowadays.

My sis blogged first, and I blog later on because we were quite competitive on items we post. She will read every single things I blogged back then, and gave nasty comments on my blog which she won't do it right now. Competition makes perfect one. And now she gave up blogging, and gave up the entire activity she used to do such as photo, blog post, etc to make the blog post interesting. Thus, I'm getting less competitive after that. My sis and I were quite competitive since we were young, and we would do everything just for competition even small little thing like Facebook status. Sound childish but we learned a lot from there.

Now, she is getting busier and hardly blog anymore although she promised herself to blog at least one a week.

Never say never!  I'll never say never blog again. I will blog when the feeling come, and it goes very fast after I open this page again. *sigh* I tried many times, and I got the feeling this time to blog about everything random yet not very random.



Got shocked when Blogspot couldn't open for a moment while I'm blogging here, but now is alright! Thanks God! I'm so afraid that my past life just ruined like that. 


I'm posting some of the picture which I'd posted in my instagram @pinkaholiclydia

Before I quit the job, I went Sandakan, Sabah for outstation job, and no doubt that was a great experience exploring the places although I was not very happy the first few days at there.

The temple in Sandakan, Sabah. And I'd make a wish, and my wish come true.

St. Micheal church founded in year 1888.. almost 200 years. Amazing! #Sandakan #sunshine #church

The church was superb and beautiful and that's my ex-colleague with his bag.

 Sandakan specialty, Winter melon plus egg white drinks.

Besides the places I went, I actually went up to the oil tanks for discovery. This was really a great experience, and surprisingly I wasn't that scare of this height!

Sandakan fish village, and the photo turns out quite blurry because I'm using the phone instead of camera.

Second try on Starbucks, and seriously not a fans of it. Some might think Starbucks is a random drink but for me it is too luxury!!

 Jennifer bought this for me, Glaceau Vitamin water which tasted suck!

Went steamboat with tomo, and the desserts was awesome! I love chocolate brownie the most!

Nicky boy tried to protect his bone when I come near it.

another picture of him, and I forced him! And believe it or not? Everyone actually thought I tortured him since the day he came to our house. Nope! For clarification, he is now 4kg which is a standard weight for him, and the doctor said he is good in size. By the way, he is bald because he is old now, and I couldn't find any medication for him to grow more fur.

Clarification done, NEXT!
Bought these things at Jonker Walk, Melaka, and I didn't use one of them. Wasted!

Memorable Mabul Island, Sabah trip with Tomo and friends.

Bought this egg pancake just to tease Jennifer! HAHAHAHA!

Have this just to tease Bee for not joining us yesterday

Throughout the three months working life months ago, I'd a better experience on the working and travelling part, and aint't hate it actually. However, people just misunderstood how I hate my senior or whatever. I couldn't explain but I'm not in that actually, just the feeling in the office make me feel a lot pressure from other colleagues. I'm getting fear of the Human Resource people as well as people getting out of the company. I've lots of nice senior as well, and one of them same age with me, and we quite in term and she treats me very well.

Is a kind of feeling asking me out of it, and one of my best friend (he is my best colleague ever) asked me to go as well. He asked to go before is too late, and I know how suffer he is that particular day. He was very stress (more stress than me), and the days before I go, he actually speaks out most of his unhappiness in the company, and how suffering he is. He mentioned that he couldn't talk much to those colleagues except me. I felt quite sad for him as he couldn't speak out his pressure while in the office with the his own teammate. I was quite lucky because I have lots of friends and colleagues there to support me, and talk a lot in lunch time.

The feeling warmed me a lot when I actually get out of it, and he told me to move forward. I think he knew because his girlfriend got into the same situation as well. Thank you!

Anyway, is not a problem anymore! This is what people think of me, just move forward and I can do better this time.


Suddenly the feeling of expressing all thought came out, and I'm end of it!

 Will blog again soon.

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