Friday, November 8, 2013

Hello World!

Hello again!

I’ve been reading books nowadays and I quite like those stories goes and end especially The Book of Tomorrow. What if I have a book of tomorrow, I can predict everything that will happen tomorrow and try to amend the part that I dislike the most.

This story was quite interesting as the Tamara Goodwin (the main character) found a Book of Tomorrow from a mobile library, and the story all start with the diary that written all by itself.

Do you want to know your tomorrow every now and then?

Well, I admit that I always want to know my tomorrow, thing that will happen tomorrow so that I can make a better decision on today act. Isn’t great to know your tomorrow before it comes?

Something bad might happened tomorrow, and I may be the first to stop everything that gonna happen. I can be the superwoman and save the world, eg tsunami (emmm..), 911 (too exaggerated, I think) and probably stop myself falling from the stairs or somewhere else (LOL) but with condition that I write it in my Book of Tomorrow. Sound good!

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

However, predicting is better than knowing sometimes. For example, a surprise than an already-know incident. If I have a book of tomorrow, I will probably know that a surprise incident gonna happen tomorrow, and it is very secret that nobody wanted to tell me. Isn’t sad that people try to give a surprise which they thought you wouldn’t know yet you already knew by reading the book of tomorrow.

People probably will say SURPRISE, and you will like yada..yada.. yada.. I already knew!
Surprise gone and nobody gonna happy with it. Am I right?

Another example was a secret that you found out before others tell you tomorrow. What should you act upon the secret, a wow or ahhh or what’s the big deal? I already knew! No more secret and surprise once you have the book of tomorrow. Others probably won’t tell you anything since you will know it before they tell you. They probably will be very surprise at the first time, but as time passed they might get bored and no secret for you anymore (which you can’t even find it in the book tomorrow). Your life gonna end boring and boring and super boring!!

Life is full of surprise, so in order for us to make more surprise, we shouldn’t rely more on knowing everything before it happened. But Tamara Goodwin had fully utilised the Book of Tomorrow in order to find out something way beyond her expectation, which is good isn’t?

But what can I say? A story mend to be a story, there is no Book of Tomorrow in real life, so just balance the positive and negative in order to balance our life.

Wow! Can believe I am so positive after reading the story again and again. Yeap! Be positive and everything will be alright!

Before ending this entry, some pictures to light the day!
The little boy who everyone said he is super skinny! Not my fault of not giving him food, he just don't grow much since the day he should.

 The Halloween Cups which I hadn't show up last entry! We spent half day to complete it.

 The graduation photo! The photo that no one ever see! Yes, it's me on my graduation day on August!

The lucky who scared of thunder and lightning so much until she gone mad. How pity she is!!

Alright! That's it. End story.. CLOSE!

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