Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sunway Lagoon and some part of Genting Highland


Alright, I'm supposed to blog this three months ago, but due to some working condition I am not able to blog anything. So here is it!

This was a trip before I started my job three months ago, and I was really enjoy with this bunch of friends in Sunway Lagoon. They had planned to pay a visit to Sunway Lagoon before heading to Genting Highland which I'd blog months ago.
Both of us at the entrance of Sunway Lagoon. We were so happy that day.

The map of Sunway Lagoon!

Their signature cartoon!

All of us with the batch. They were doing something funny except Shin and I.

Here we are!! Sunway Lagoon!!!

The photo below was taken after we finished playing.
Water fall from the entrance, I guess!

Three of them

And two of us! LOL

1, 2, 3 They TURN AROUND!!!! 

Shin puts the Revive bottle with the lion!

Both of us after bathing. We were so happy camwhore while three of them walking without waiting us T__T


Look! Shin has long leg.. Woohoo...

Three of them helping us to return the batch, and they had planned to take out the chip beforehand. LOL.

After the Sunway Lagoon trip, all of us heading to Genting Highland. And you know what! We have free rooms from Wang. Thank you very much for the free room.

Camwhore while Wang were checking in for us. Poor him!

Our room. Thank you very much Wang! The guys were quite pity coz three of them sleeping at the same size room. LOL!

Posting this "cool" photo of him to thank him for giving such a good free room. LOL

Brought these snacks all the way from Melaka, then back to Melaka again. However, some of them were brought to Singapore the day after.

Dividing the cost, and Kai Loon asked me to snap this as a prove.

In the guys' room

Scenery from the top.

Went Genting Casino after that to earn some money. Ha! I didn't invest actually.

While three of them went to "earn" for our lunch and dinner (LOL), Shin and I went to have a walk at the Genting lobby. It was really fun and both of us has record  lots of videos for Jennifer. Stay tuned for more.

From USA
to some dinosaur adventure scene

to Oscar Award

I am seriously very happy recording all that.
Went outside early in the morning with Edmund and Kai Loon.
The weather was really cold and Edmund was so good to snap some nice photo of us. Thank you very much.

Hotel First world credited to Edmund.

We were planned to sit the Flying coaster, and Shin was really scare and anxious. She doesn't join us after that.

Flying coaster with Edmund and Kai Loon.

This was really a scary one! I was almost cry out but it is really fun actually.

Alright! They did not "earn" any penny for our lunch, so...
here is my lunch.

After lunch, Shin and I went out for some fresh air.

We went to the garden which located right in front of Genting Resort.

The gate of love.

This is what I'd named it. LOL!
It was really cold outside, and mist is all around the places.

Purple flower for Jennifer

Camwhore around there! And we had mastered the technique of camwhoring.

Shin at the chair while I was capturing this.

After my turn, two tourists went to the chair and non-stop camwhoring. They are super no manners, and I was really mad of them!!!!

Our favourite pink rose!

Flowers all around the places. So nice!

Having ice-cream at there was a bliss!

We finally did it! Camwhore with this big ice-cream was a tragedy!

Spot the one behind me??

They were the couple who sit right behind us kissing around. LOL

Chatime while waiting for dinner. Purple is Jennifer favourite colour!

Dinner of the day- Marry brown

Frankly speaking, that was my first try. I didn't eat this until I went there.

Alright! A short video posted for Jennifer.

Quite boring? Stay tuned for more! LOL

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