Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Universal Studio Singapore Part 1

 Hello hello! I am in the Enchanted Castle

Gonna be sharing trip with you and please be bear on me coz this is my first time going the enchanted place Universal Studio, Singapore. There are too many things to wow upon, and it's so magical!

And I was too excited to snap every picture of little things in this enchanted place. I love it so much, so I am gonna make it into 2 posts in order to make thing even enchanted! LOL

I chosen 108 pictures to be post here, but then I can't wait to share half of it right now, so here it is! Half of my photo taken in this place.

Here we are, Universal Studio, Singapore, and tried so hard just to camwhore with this ball in the middle of the place.

Hanging around before head in to the enchanted place with Shin.
 Went Candylicious where you can eat happy there. Even the chocolate are very cute at there. OMG!

"Candylicious eat happy"

 Alright! I hide the blue one behind me so that I can replace him and friend with the rest. LOL

I got the ticket and map, and here I come Universal Studio!

It is quite small compared to Disneyland, but I can never say it is small coz we almost have no time to walk the entire place. I missed out one of the itinerary coz they was on maintenance T__T

The Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase which is our first stop in Universal studio. It is too cute not-to-go-in, and I'd recorded some part of it. (coz I don't know it is forbidden for recording, sorry!)

Sunny day!

Everything there is so cute and nice, even the stalls there are cute. 

 New York Street 

World famous photo finishing

Is a souvenir shop if I am not mistaken.

 Hollywood Street!

There are many cute food stalls around the place such as the pop corn stall shown in the picture. It is so cute, how people can resist on buying food from them.
 Camwhore in the hot sunny day 

 Cookies monster house for more cookies. Awww! Goddam cute!

 Yellow Cab Co.

We at the Lights Camera Action where we saw LIVE movie making. The coolest movie making ever!!!! Both of us got so wet afterward coz we were at the water flashing zone, and we didn't even realise.

 Me Want Cookie!

 Sesame street road show in front of the New York Public Library!

 Omg! Is Elmo you see! 

And the rest of the fake members.

 Sitting on the bench at Madagascar Africa!!

 King's Julien's Beach Party on- round!

 Basically just a food paradise! LOL

 We dine here at Case Del Wild Food court for our lunch, but before that there are some roadshow on our way to the Far Far away castle. Sound magical right?

 Madagascar Road Show with the penguin, Lion, Hippo as well as King Julien!!!

 Alex the Lion 

King Julien and fellow Penguin!

Marty the hippo!

So sad coz we don't have the time to take picture with her. But she looks at my camera while others was talking picture with her. Awww! So sweet of her. Compensation for my sadness!

 Went for a Madagascar adventure afterward, and it is so adventurous!!

 Camwhore while the boat started to move! Failed max!!!

 Then headed to the most enchanted place, Far Far Away Castle! 

The signboard stated Welcome to Far Far Away! How cute is that!! Every places has their own signature signboard that stand for them!

Saw the castle just behind us! How wonderful, and we saw Shrek and Princess Fiona while walking. BUT! The photo just disappear in Nowhere. T_____T

And Betty as well! Oh no!!!!!!!!

Anyway this is the Far Far Away Castle!!

Castle that is very magical!!!

And blame the camera for giving a dark spot there. Ok! I think is enough to see right now, stay tuned for part two in the following post.

More to come for next blog post. A very magical post LOL!

Before closing this screen, enjoy the video please!

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