Monday, October 14, 2013

Genting Highland - Temple

Hello World!

This will be the last post of the Genting Highland trip. Yeap! This is the part 1, part 2 & part 3, read it if you are interested. LOL

So, after seeing the sunrise, breakfast as well as earning some money, is time for us to pack our stuff and get out of Genting Highland. Alrght! Sound pathetic.

We stopped at the Temple (I can't remember what temple is that. Anyway, you will pass by whenever you travel to Genting Highland), and this is my second or third time heading to this temple. 

Beautiful Pagoda in the temple.

Lantern that has nice words.

God statues that are nicely placed.

While they were climbing to the top, and they insist for photo. 

We were on top of the hill!!!! 

And got photoboomed by Wang afterward. =___= 

Nice photo with them- One of the group photo we taken. All thanks to people who invent timer!!

Yup! There is a monkey wearing white shirt standing behind me!

And he continued to act while Shin was standing and Kai Loon was doing something else!

The guys! 

The girls!

Photoboomed again! T___T

Is very difficult for us to have a nice photo since he keeps doing something else. LOL
A nice one! Thank God he stops!

See! Another photoboomed by Wang. While all of us were so serious standing there. Kinda distracting, but he has given us the most memorable photo ever! LOL

Half Pagoda behind us. 

The weather was really good that day, blue skies, white clouds and nice Pagoda behind us.

Alright! Two Yoo Jae Suk in Malaysia!  HAHAHAHA! 

Like this!

The big Guan Ying 

 Both of us with the Big Guan Ying. 

 A nice scenery captured by Edmund!

 1, 2 , 3 JUMP! 

Yeap! Both of us were floating in the air!
 Went down the hill

Acting cool.

Donation Box captured by Wang I guess!!

Big Buddha!

After all these crazy photos, Wang drive us down the hill, and back to the real world!!! I wished to go back Genting Highland again to enjoy the weather! I'm so HOT right now!!

PS: Group blog is up soon. How wish to blog more!

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