Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween BBQ Party and very advance birthday celebration

Planned this party one week ago, and we’d invited few people to our exclusive Halloween party. And most of them are working, so the party started quite late, around 8pm I think. Unfortunately, Shin can’t join us due to her work.

Anyway, the party was on last Friday night, and non of us dress like Halloween festival LOL! Before the party, Jane, Ting and I accompany Jennifer to her school. 
 #chickenwing #seafood tafu #crabstick #sausages


I never try lamb chop before and wish to try at least once, so all of us have this "premium" lamb shoulder chop for this exclusive party. LOL!

Cups that we drew for Halloween, and we spent half day just for this. Tired! Jennifer drew most of them, so nice!

#halloween theme cups #sausages #corn #pork #chicken breast #onion #blackpepper chicken #pork with wine #prawn #vegetable #chickenwings #lambchop

Alright! Too much hashtag, I think we have too much food for eleven people.
Something sweet from Sheng Yi's mom. How sweet is her!

Girls before barbecue.

Look at Sheng Yi sad face and her food (all black) LOL
Snacks and prawn

I love most of the food, but I couldn't finish all of them. I'm way too full that day!

Started this around 8.30pm I guess, and I'm the one who cook the chicken breast at first, and decided to let Jane to be the chef afterward.

This is the ready-cooked chicken and salad for wrapping. Korean style for the day!

Jennifer with her nice witch giraffe cup

And I with my treats or threat cup (drew by Jennifer)

Both of us were so happy showing our cups, and  my nail art as well (it ruined by the cooking utensil T___T)

Sitting around the barbecue stove. So hot yet so nice to enjoy the food. By the way, we didn't burn the food, the aluminium foil gone black after burning on the stove for a long time.

Group photo without me (the camerawoman) and En Ting (the late comer)

Corn is the best in this way. Appreciated Jennifer and Jane's effort!

The Barbecue fish which no one appreciate (except my mejamate Lee Chin and En Ting) at all, coz most of them don't like fish. Too bad!!

Sotong bakar (Barbecue Squid) and pork is the best among all. I don't really like the lamb chop due to it's spiciness! Too spicy for me.... I was like Wow! So spicy, cannot tahan (can't stand) anymore!!

We have another surprise for our advance birthday girl Jane!
The letter J birthday chocolate hazelnut crunch from Hatten Hotel

Yeap! This is Jane, and Happy advance Birthday to you!!!!

And Sheng Yi is the second person to cut the cake coz she will be celebrating her birthday next.

I'm the third one! December baby as well LOL
This is a traditional way anyway!

Group photo without Wang head and Bee.

Another group photo with Wang's head and still without Bee.

With Lee Chin (friends for 10 years) also known as my MEJAMATE (table mate). We used to sit beside each other when we were at Secondary school, and quarrel everyday just for nothing. Super childish and people sitting behind us (Ting and Bee) always stalk what we were fighting and laugh at our childishness. So bad!

How memorable is that!