Friday, February 18, 2011

CNY Reunion Dinner

Well, yesterday was the last day of CNY or so called chap go mei, do you guys celebrate it? I definitely nope, coz most of my friends still having their exam, and I didn't really want CNY to end like this! I never enjoyed my CNY much due to my exam T__T damn it, I need to "thank" to MMu for giving us a "great" CNY ever! Yea right! *sigh*

However, I still enjoyed for the first 3 days or probably 2 days! whatever!

On the reunion day or CHU XI, I woke up in the morning, and went to pray my grandpa and grandma in the temple. After that, I went back home, and planed to study for the last time before reunion dinner, but it failed coz I need paint my house after that. T___T

Nevermind, coz I satisfied with my work after this! WAHAHA...

So...our reunion dinner were always at my uncle place! Teehee!
I love my aunty food as usual! There will many foodsssss photo, sorry for that!

My aunty infamous fried prawn, and my cousins used to name it as "long xia" means lobster!! WAHAHA...
Everyone love this "lobster" so much, even my little cousins love it too! It is a super successful dish in our house!
Ba gua- dried meat! Yea, my love!
Fried Ba geng- toufu skin with pork meat! And Jennifer always called it as lo ba! The name was different between Penang...and Malaccan, but it's same actually!

Steam fish! It is a must in CNY! Nian nian you yu, it means every year, there is something left (Whatsoever).
another aunty infamous pork stomach soup! I uber love it! Everyone love it as well~
There is more foods on the table! I'm full that night!
The cameraman of the day- my uncle!
And start for the dinner! We started around 7pm, great timing!
After this, everyone was chit-chatting, photo-ing, and eating some fruits...SO WHAT I WAS DOING? Well, I'm suffering, coz eating too much, and feel like wanted to vomit. Yea! I always have this kind of incident. The very last time was when we celebrated Jia Wei farewell! T___T

Then, it's fire cracker time! 8888!

I insist my sis to take photo with me, coz I complaint that there is lesser photo of us since she is in relationship! WAHAHA....
ok, my bro is going to hang up the long red fire cracker!
Before he going to "burn" the fire cracker, let's photo shooting awhile! *evil laugh*
And... 123....START!!!!
OPPS! I lost my red fire cracker burning photo! =__=lll
Nevermind, let's see who is the chicken of the day! WAHAHA...
My "brave" cousin. You know what? When my bro is going to hang up the red cracker, he is the one who said he will not scare of this thingy, but then after that he ran in the room, and closed himself in the room with his mom! WAHAHA...super cute!
My ang pau of the day! Yea! Not my ang pau, is a comibination of my sis and mine! I lie again!
RED WINE! It is NOT my favourite at all! I'm drunk!
This is what they said wu lai wu ki ( if you take something, you need to give back some), and everyone give us cookies!
And honey madarin as well!

Then force my sis to take photo with me again! SEE! What she did was sms-ing with somebody else! Concentrate! *complaint*
Around 12am, my mom prepare for praying!! I helped my mom to paste all the red sticker on it!

After this!!!!!!!!!!!!! CNY IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We count down at home with ....
Our lovely cards!! I won some money that night!


Ok, I feel tired to type anymore, I gonna stop here, I'll continue tomorrow or probably tonight! Au revoir~


  1. Look so much fun! well, too bad for 1/4 Chinese again ^^!

  2. ya! it's fun... haha..u can celebrate even u r 1/4 chinese! haha...