Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm not normal anymore!

Don’t be shock when you are reading the title!
Yea, I certainly abnormal, I’m different anymore… I couldn’t even recognise myself indeed, I have changed into a person who actually digs out some story book and READ IT!
Who ever know me, knew I don’t read that often, but this times I read more than one book! OMG! I have changed…. Eventually change to a good one! WAHAHA…
Well, I was damn boring this few days, I mean I have no other thing to do (other than outing with friends), so I dig some of my sis precious Cecilia Ahern story book to pass my time. OMG! What on earth I was doing when this book arrived in my house? Why did I ignore it? Why? I’m absolutely lost my opportunity to read on it (ok, well now I realise I didn’t waste my opportunity).
 Yeah, I'm in love with Cecilia Ahern story book! It's the best book I ever read!
 The book and I. After I read finish the book, I continue another book from Cecila Ahern as well, it is " the book of tomorrow". Well, the book name was always kinda of unique and interesting. The very first one was "where the rainbow end", then now is " the book of tomorrow"...

She has actually produce lots of story book, and her best selling book was " P.S I Love You" which I'm going to get it in MPH or Popular! And Jennifer had introduce " The Gift", and I'm going to grab it as well!!!!!

Alright, I'm going off, coz tomorrow gonna be a big day for my bro ( He is opening a kids art center, so anyone interested can mail me or leave comment or something, and the shop was at Taman Merdeka, Melaka), and I'm going to help him for registration. What a tiring would be!

Au revoir!

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