Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lovey sushi-making day

 I always wanted to make sushi with my friends for ages, and I didn’t even make for once. Thus, since we are out from final exam, it’s time for us to plan for our lovely sushi making day. Yea, we eventually did it on Monday! How happy is that!

To be frank, I love to cook with my friends, and we even plan to cook some Chinese dishes for so called polak! I love that anyway, and I love to cook with bunch of best friends with just a few dishes, that’s was fun I can say. You guys should try it as well; I bet you will love it if you have tried it.

 First and foremost (everyone likes to start like this), I would like to thank our rice and vinegar supplier, Edmund for supplying this two stuffs for us!

On Monday, before we headed to Jusco to have our ingredient, we cooked out rice, and it turn pretty good actually! We’re brilliant (whatsoever)!
After we'd bought all the ingredient, we started our job as a Sushi Sifu (sushi chef). We fried, steamed, cooked, boiled, made up rice and vinegar....and TADA!
Our ingrdient for the sushi! In fact, every things is fried foods! WAHAHA...We wouldn't find ebiko in Jusco as they actually going on a maintenance in the sushi stall. How bad is that!

 My very first hand roll! Yea, that was fun to actually made a hand roll. Ha! I'm genius in making sushi, just kidding!

 Well, not all the ingredient was being fried, we have fresh sujini and carrot as the side dish as well.

After rolling, putting....(all sort of things)
 Final product was pretty good right?

Our hand roll was kinda of pro actually ( What? Cannot praise myself is it? WAHAHA...)

 Anyway, we are happy with it, and those sushi in the plastic box was going to Edmund, coz since he has supplied us some ingredient, might why we send him some food, right?

 The little cute face sushi- credit by Jennifer. Brilliant idea!!!

 The very-cute-star-lovey-tuna-sushi- credit by Viki. I love the star so much!!

The "octopus" sushi -credit by Viki, Jennifer and me ( But the person who think of is Jennifer)

As this goes on, I think I ain't having a brilliant brain, coz there is no creative sushi credit by me T_______T
Creativity failed!

 There is absolutely big portion of sushi for us to eat! When can we finish it?

Jennifer and I were damn happy with our sushi thought it is not as yummy as what we ate in Sushi King.

We can't finish our sushi actually, so we actually asked Andrew and Edmund to come over to have some lunch! Yea, is lunch, and Wang complaint that we didn't invite him =__= (we should invite him, so that no complaint from him)

Last, we ended up playing Facebook on the floor with my mouse (a pink one) hanging there! WAHAHA...

That's the end of our lovey sushi-making day! I really hope there will be Chinese cuisine day for another day! I'm looking forward for Chinese cuisine day!

PS: It's 1.56am, so I'm going off right now to have some sleep before the busy day of mine come over! 

Au revoir!!


  1. like how it look, if it was made up jus like u done it should be okay, but if it was originally made from raw fish? EWWWW....

  2. haha! I love raw fish with sushi rice actually, but we cant get any fresh fish or we just replace it with fried food!

  3. hmmm.... yeah yeah u love, but not me >.<

  4. ya..some people don't like raw food, i understand. hehe