Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Halloween and Sunday!

Bonjour, guys and girls!

What’s up, today!

I’ve disappear for one week in this blog, je suis desole (I’m sorry), my laziness had stopped me from blogging.

So how you all celebrated Happy Halloween last week? Have you guys celebrated it? I do, babe! (oklah, it is not a formal celebration, but I did have a wonderful day that day!)

Start my journey of Halloween!
First, our plan was to cook a yummilicious Korean Mee with CHEESE (my love), and the result was quite successes! I love cheese so much.

Then, 2nd event is BOWLING!

We decided to play bowling at MITC Bowplex at 12pm, but again our laziness had delayed the time to 1.30pm. I'm really fatigue that day coz we just came back from morning walk.  

We decided to have a bowling contest, the one who lose the game need to treat all of us a choco top ice-cream, kinda cheap but it's fun when there is a battle!

 Start our game!
I kinda weird in this position! WAHAHA...

 Half game, and see I'm losing...OMG!!

 In the end I'm the winner! Bravo...*proud*

So, I get my choco top ice-cream (treated by sis, coz she is the loser! WAHAHA..)

Camwhore is a must for us! (emm...ok! It is for me indeed)

and a sleepy face of mine! (I woke up at 7am, ok? so don't blame my face)

 After this, I discover a way to be a paparazzi!!! A REAL PAPARAZZI!
Did you see it! Both of them are trying to so something and caught by me , the paparazzi!! WAHAHA...It's fun to be a paparazzi.. I should consider to be a professional paparazzi and quit to be an accounting student. *evil laugh*

Well, we will exhausted at this point, but how can we just waste our halloween just like this? It doesn't worth it ok?? THUS...
 We decided to play sadina or in other words is monopoly, and we battled again, what we will get if we win the game? We will get a Mac Flurry after we win it! OMG!

I laughed at them because both of them are changing their place there and then, and I'm going to win of coz. WAHAHAHA... (Opps....I mean Lewis is going to lose! )

 As you can see, the kuching land is from a hotel to 3 houses to 2 houses to 1 pity house, and at the end Lewis lose his Kuching land, and he declare bankkrupt!

My property before Lewis lose!

And after he lose the game, I gain one land and house! COOL!

My left over money and property! Kinda less but I win~ WAHAHA..
This is so called technique!

Dinner time for us!

We went the newly found satay celup stall to have our dinner, it is kinda worth it.
I should bring tomodachi to have some the next time.

I was so excited to try the newly found satay celup stall

 The satay celup was damn spicy and yummilicious, I kinda satisfied with the sauces and the foods! YUM YUM YUM!
 The bread (normal shot)
 Camwhore again! Sorry if you have boring of it.
 Camwhore again and again with my family! Yeah

After this, we went to fetch Yun Chee, and headed to MCD to have some chat with my cousins.
 Yun Chee and me.
 All of them were discussing how to shot a perfect photo, so that it looks good!
My cousin shot nice photo, so I requested him to do for me a banner for my blog, and he still pending. *sweat to the max*

I've fully utilised my halloween day! Kinda satisfied with everything I've done that day! *syok*

End of Happy Halloween

The next day, sis cooked a mash potatoes for breakfast
 It is so yummilicious, the sauce was mashroom soup , you may try it!
 Then sis brought us to Windmill to have our lunch! I love it indeed!
Happy weekend of mine!

I'm kinda satisfied with last weekend, and so do this weekend, coz I'm going to Shah Alam tomorrow, kinda excited with the night market, the food, and the shopping center. (ok lah, I'm not sua gu, but just feel excited)

PS: I'm leaving Melaka at 10 am tomorrow, going to sleep before embark to Shah Alam! Salut~(bye)

PSS: Did I mention I learn french nowadays ( I think no right?), so I officially announce that I'm learning french right now, kinda of tough, but I'll not giving up! *peace*


  1. Where's the satay celup shop?? Name pls!

    Btw, love your post. Like the way you write. And seriously, you should be a paparazzi hahaha XP

    Have a great weekend. Cheerios x)

  2. melmonica: is at bacang corner has no name! sorry..
    chanyunchee: yea.. i also have pimple!