Friday, November 12, 2010

I- City in Shah Alam

It's friday again, I'm going to blog about my Shah Alam trip right now, I've not been blogging nowadays, kinda lazy to do anything.

Last weekend due to Happy Deevapali, sis has a holiday so we decided to have a 3 days 2 night stay in Shah Alam.

On Friday night, they decided to bring me to I-City as I’m not quite familiar (sua gu) with this place. Thus, we headed to I-City after our dinner in a superb steamboat restaurant (I’ll blog it in another post).

The place and lighting were awesome, superb, wonderful, and marvelous……
(As I mentioned I'm kinda of lazy to type a word, so photo will do my job ya!)

We walk along the lighting tree, that's was awesome. I love the fact that they use the colour of the tree, it is quite matching!
I'm the camera woman of the day! =)
 The big cow and the tree. I missed the santa claus lighting right besides this thingy. T__________T
I'll back again for sure!

3 camwhore person. We always did this in everywhere, just bare in mind.
 The beautiful forest. It's so romantic, I suggest that those who want a beautiful wedding snap shot can come to this place and snap it, coz it is so damn romantic.

 The combination of colour was perfect. <3
 The magical tree ( I think), do you notice the couple there, they were damn sweet at here. OMG!That's why I called this as Magical Tree! MUAHAHAHA....

Me with the magical tree
 well, you may skip this indeed, if you are bored of my camwhore photo. *evil laugh*

The green Christmas tree which is taller than me

The yellow one which is much more taller than me T____T (I'm shorty)

I love this the most, thank for the shot (However, the quality of my photo was bad due to the wrong mode I selected =________=)

Sis and me ( and alot of people)

 The christmas tree, from the biggest to the smallest! CUTE

 The fake cherry tree!

and the act cute person, sis and I ! MUAHAHA...

 At lighting safari.

 The lighting SAFARI!

Camwhore at lighting safari. It's kinda bored at there, coz nothing much to see at there.

 The lantern in front of the Lighting Safari!

 Bare in mind that my photo was not in the right order, so don't get blur as you continue reading.

We pretend to be butterfly for one day! I'm the grown up buttlefly and sis was the chrysalid ( I googled the name), I know we're lame.

The fake cherry and the leave as well. All made of plastic glass I think!

 Sis pretend to be a kind hearted person where she care about the animal. WAHAHA...The best artress of the year! I'm the failure. =____=

 Three of us, and my hair was messy here. =___= I didn't realise until now. WTH!?

The beautiful swan lake. A fake one indeed, but I like it so much.

I love it as you can see!

While we were headed to the snow house, we saw this beautiful lantern in row. I love it and of coz snap snap snap!

The snow house, the lighting was awesome, it looks like a snowy house!

Many people lined up to get in to the snow house. While we were waiting, camera was non-stop snapping..Muahaha.
In fact, I'm a good camera woman!
 Camwhore with flash, coz the place was too darky!
 Without flash, too dark. WTH!?

Our ticket to go in to the SNOW HOUSE! 

The very first thingy I saw in this snow house was REINDEERS!

Then I saw this under maintanance snow man besides it! Quite disappointed coz most of the item was under maintanance. T_______T

The glassy Snow Man after the under maintanance one!

Camwhore in this cozy house.
 Snap shot with this cute glassy polar bear, when can I see the real one? *wondering*

The posing glassy reindeer in the snow house! Love it.

A low quality snap shot. You could ignore it, if it is irritating.

The white Christmas tree in the house.  There is a super duper damn BIG Christmas tree outside the Snow House, and it is a main point of this I-City, but then it is under maintanance, so I've no luck to visit it. T_____T (I'm going back for sure!!!!!!!!)

The Chinese New Year theme in the snow house as well.

I was wondering why there is so much of lanterns around I-City, so I asked a stupid question.
Lydia: Why there is so much of lanterns around I-City one? So weird?
Somebody ( I forgot who is the one who give me the answer): Of coz lah, coz this lighting supplier was in China, so they sure supplier more chinese items in this I-city lah. 

OK, I like the answer, but is it correct? I don't know, you may give me some idea!

 I love this tree so much.

Camwhore in Chinese New Year theme

 Many people love this theme, I likey as well.

Well, back to the snowy place and snap shot of reindeer and family. MUAHAHA...

We are pretending, but in fact it is cold inside, air-condition is all around this place, I mean SNOW HOUSE ya!

Fahrenheit came here before for the Canon's IXUS TV commercial, and many more....

The princesses love, the castle!

 Oh yeah! We saw some bollyhood (indian show) doing some TV shoot at here too! It's kind of intersting.

The cartus which Lewis's mom favourite, I guess!

Camwhore with the big green cartus!

The tree was so beautiful, I love it to the max! The best autumn feel~

The best snap shot of the day. ( OK, this is what I think only)

 Way back to the car park, we saw many beautiful tree "standing" besides the road...
From blue....

To red....

To white....and so on....I love the combination so much. They have sense of colour indeed!

And sis and Lewis say bye bye to I-City!!
Au revoir (bye in french)

I'm kind of likey this place, I'll go there again with Tomodachi again the next time, stay tuned for my next trip to I-City, the most beautiful place in Shah Alam. 

For those who like to take photo, you may go there and train your skill of photograph! It is a superb place ever.

This is the most potential to earn tourist money in Shah Alam, this is what they said! WAHAHAHA....

PS: Today was a cozy day, I'm going to cook a yummilicious food for myself. *wee*


  1. hahah.. best kan this place? i visited more than 20 times already.. really near to my home..

    i was free to enter later back but now you need to pay RM10 for a car.. damn mahal..

    now feeling bored already with that place

  2. that is because you went too many times already, ya! we need to pay RM 10 per car, or park at the outside then enter without paying fees. haha..

    I envy you coz get to go there whenever you like, not like me...i m malaccan so once in a time, go shah alam only T______T

  3. Hi, its amazing to see the very first snowalk in our country here..hehe, actually I plan to go on weekend, but Im not sure whether is it open or not.So, I need to gather some info first before going there..haha..erm, hope you don't mind yea...I want to know what time is it open? Can I book in advance for the ticket? Erm, i read from your post, the car park cost RM10 per entry right?hehe..kinda expensive..haha....but I think shouldnt a big prob la...anyway, if there is any website would be great...Anyway, thanks in advance yea and happy new year 2011..Cheers!

  4. be frank i don't really know it got open or not on public holiday, so sorry! i think mostly probably morning open, but the lighting will be at sis went morning b4 too. erm..i think the ticket can't book advance coz just RM10 only.. happy new year