Monday, November 8, 2010


Well, I knew I complaint a lot, but this is not about others, is about myself.

I'm kinda a stupid person. (well, I don't admit sometimes, but this time YES)

WHY? You should asking this kind of question, right?
Ok, go ahead to find out my stupidness..

I just came back from Shah Alam ( just pretend you know I went to Shah Alam, if you didn't catch up with my blog often), the first thing I done was to copy all my photo to my lappie. However, when I copied the photo to the lappie, my photo quality gone bad ( this has not been happen when I first buy this camera, and I love the quality of my camera so much), I wonder why it happen like this.

Until today I just realise, I has been using the wrong mode for the entire trip, OMG! Now you may call me as a stupid person. WTH? Thus, I need to resize plus edit the photo for the whole trip, this is so troublesome. I kinda tired of it. *angry*

I'll upload the photo when I've finish edited, stay tuned ya! Je suis desole (I'm sorry)

PS: Gonna continue edit my photo. Salut!

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