Sunday, December 4, 2016

RANDOM| boring life

Hello everyone.

I am back!

After such long hiatus, I finally back on track  (hope so). I still figuring how to blog in an efficient way, laptop or phone. mmmm..

During the hiatus period, there are few events happening around me, from wedding helper to travel to work load. Thing changed a lot, get new friends and being workaholic.

1. Wedding helper

Being wedding helper twice in 2 months time, and we declared that we are the best helper ever. From registration to ang Pau security to money counting speed, all in in less than 3 hours. lol.

2. Planning to leave the firm

Yeap. This was a plan since many weeks ago, the going concern issue. Thing happened too quickly that I feel I need a move and so coincidence that my friend agreed to send in my resume. Hence, that's the plan, but in the end there was no vacancy left. Then I forced to stay again. I hope everything happened for a reason and I don't see now.

3. travel

I neither travel overseas nor local with close friend and family this year. Kinda disappointed. However, it won't stop me from travelling tho. I went to Langkawi with sis'said friends two weeks before our department trip to clubmed.

Both trips is the best throughout the year (although is only local). During those trips, I got to understand and know a real person is, and I personally think that some of them aren't that hash. Before the trip, I was worried that some of them aren't my type (in the sense that we don't have anything in common), but don't judge a book by its cover. Do not misjudge others by their look or act inow short term, they might be good in long run or someday.

I felt horrible when I misjudge one of the sis'said friend. She wasn't that bad actually so mmm.. lesson learned.

Clubmed trip was awesome. I learned a lot of new activity that I wasn't great at last time. First time kayaking, zen pool, sailing  and etc. It was really a great trip, relax and fun. I would go there again next time.

4. Being lazy

Just being lazy throughout the time. Busy life make me laziest when come to personal life. I personally feel that I do not spend more precious time to do some meaningful thing instead being lazy laying at the bed for whole day.

What can I do when I have free time?

I have an idea of doing some business but pleaseeeeeeeee I need some business concept. I feel I want to do something meaningful business trading but the ideas just stuck in my brain so how not workable.

Should I or not? I want to start blogging all over again but the ideas always stuck in my mind and when I start the page, all the words gone by the wind. I'm too old to remember every single words in my mind nowadays. Walnut in need!!!!

5. workload!

Work work work...

It wouldn't end until I got out of there and get a new job. BUT what should I do next? That's always stop me from thinking now.

Work life balance ?

Why can't we? I always feel I need work life balance but I just don't understand why my boss always said in such a way that we shouldn't have work life balance. I just don't understand.

Being work life balance make my life better I guess. I'm sick of working nowadays, I feel I can't finish all my works these days.  From a to z, everything just being too much. Oh no. I'm spreading negativity, damn! I guess that is why people always always say laws of attraction works when you are positive. Its hard but I will try no matter how.

Well, I guess these are the top 5 ofor big event happened during the hiatus period. I will blog more next time and I mean it.

Will try to at least once in a week.

Now back to nap time. PS: slept at 2am last night and woke up damn early just for breakfast. *yawn*

August revoir! 

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