Monday, October 17, 2016

Random| The Secret

Hello everyone.

I yet to blog anything since the last entry.

Well, life is not as interesting as last time, more "me" time and free time to chill out with friends and family. What I meant is I was stuck in my work all the time since the first day I started work.

"Don't FACEBOOK your trouble, FACE it"

I know the theory but thing are keep weird these days, and I got really frustrated and wrote something in my dayre. Oh well, I face it sometimes but hide most of the time. For example, I don't talk about my exam for the last two sitting and I am starting to talk about since I HAD PASS MY EXAM LAST FRIDAY!

You're right! I am gonna blog about this today.

I bet you all know I had failed this particular paper since a year back, and I truly cannot accept for the past few sitting and cried (done all kind of ridiculous thing just to forget about it, like my friend does when she break up with her BF, sound so pathetic except I cried because of exam and not BF LOL), do not let anyone to mention about it and tomo always avoid thing like how's your exam? Jia you in your exam and etc. They just simply know I would sad no matter how they console or ask about, silent always ease me.

Then again, I felt sorry to them, they are stressful and they just control themselves not to ask any single question regarding exam. I am glad I have #tomo5achi in my life. Thank you and sorry for everything that you girls had done to me, I am glad!

Location: McDonalds, for April babies, 24th birthday! When I failed the first time that year.

She is the first person who knew I pass my exam, that's my mom. I knew she was very worried when I was stressful about my result and exams... She doesn't mention anything that happened the last few sitting, not even my close relatives. She would backed up everything for me when I am having study leave in my hometown, she told everyone I am having long annual leave instead of study leave so that other wouldn't ask so much about it. Thank you for so thoughtful and I know you want me to be a better person, I am trying to... and I will!

So, the exam result was out at 9am on last Friday (14 Oct 2016), I was very nervous since the day before, couldn't stop praying and wishing I pass my exam.

I used the Secret method to trust myself on this, wrote "thank you for passing MAAF" x10 just to ease myself. I believe in law of attraction so do the universe do in return. When you believe, you will get what you wish for, and do not have any doubtful feeling when you are using this method.

Believe make everything come true.

After I wrote that particular line, I off my laptop and had a nice sleep the day before. The first thing I reached office, I on my laptop and email. WOW! The result right after I reach office. I was so damn nervous (can you imagine how nervous I am after failing for so many times), and started to pray for it. Vanessa, my friend was right besides me when I look at the list of passing name, I slowly scroll to the letter "K" and TADA that's was me! I double confirmed with Vanessa again and again so that it is true.

Is true that I had pass my exam, and through this I believe that whenever we believe something and make a move, miracle will happen. I believe in passing this paper, so do the result shown. PASS!

I will write more on the Secret book after I finish reading it.

"I am sorry, please forgive, Thank you, I love you"

The power line is the Secret.

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