Sunday, December 18, 2016


Hello everyone.

Today marked the 8th years journey of typing the boring life of me. I still remembered the first day starting this blog with passion and I will post whatever moments in this blog. Time goes by, less entries uploaded and passionate goes down. Nah! I don't blog much these few years (probably 3 years? When I started my job) because thing got really boring. I have less gathering and travel.

Besides that, I was really busy and tend to forget about typing out some travelog after travelled months ago. Passionate again goes down for typing out this. Sorry guys!

However, I was the only one who still type something in (although this was not really interesting nah!), unlike most of my friends who already gave up since 2 years back. I remembered how we will read each other blog while enhancing our own blogging skill (university life is more relaxing so we can do so lol) and change our wallpaper every now and then. We will search the cheapo way which is taken from other source (take ok? Not steal!). I always search for pink, hence this is why yuncheepedia (my friend's past blog) named my blog as pinkaholiclydia after helping me to change my wallpaper. This is why I still use the same name until now lol.

Speaking about passionate, passionate means showing or caused by strong feelings or strong belief. I believe passionate will go down when I'm no longer as chill as last time. I wanted to blog so much, but when work came, I tend to leave it aside and finish my work. After that, good bye blogging because i rather have a nap! Life! Lol.

Hey! I sound so pathetic sigh! Nope! My life still goes on. There is alot of fun moment throughout the years such as travelling and gathering (less). Those were moments when I forgot to blog about. I wish I could do it again now.

So now, I'll blog about my birthday celebration with the Tomo. Haha! So random right?

My birthday was yesterday, 17 December, and I'm having birthday celebration with Tomo on 3rd December which is on Shin's wedding day.

That day was also the day we had our present exchanged.

This year was early because everyone was way too busy on Christmas day. This year we go by this sequence me<>Ting and Shin>>Bee>>Jen>>Shin

The sequence was slightly surprising. And the funniest thing is that me and Ting were wrapping our present TOGETHER!!! Both of us were pretending not giving each other all the time when we were wrapping our gift lol! We laughed non stop after knowing the presents were for both of us lol.

The only birthday cake of the year. Thank you so much.

I was really surprise with the cake actually. When we planned to go Shin's house after the wedding, i was "rejected" by Jen for sitting her car. I got really confused because she was like why wanna sit my car? You sit shin's car lah. Lol! Poor acting skill man. My thought was she is the one who planned to get a cake for my birthday lah so she doesn't want me to sit her car bla bla bla lah. Then I smelled of fried chicken when I was in her car, and she explained that was from outside and I BELIEVED ok!

When they presented the cake, I was told that the cake was in the car for the whole day and Jen  was the one who took out the cake. WHAT?

 Presents and souvenir from Taiwan, Japan and Bali yo!

This is what additional gift we always had when we were having exchange gift. Lol


Thanks to Jun Neng (Nan) for those pictures. I think he damn annoyed by all of us already because we kept teased him so much. HAHAHA!

Sorry Shin's didi. Hahaha!
 We don't really drink the red wine but must pattern abit to show that we did drink ok.

#tomo5achi #alwayspattern

Blue xmas wrapping - Shin's
Light blue wrapping - Bee's
Green wrapping - Jen's
White with pattern red and silver - mine
Triangle - Ting's

Love is the air! Haha!!

Thank you for all the wishes and thanks Tomo for the celebration. #over10yearsfriendship still go on...

Happy birthday to me and this blog yo! Will try my best to blog everything in my life. Thank you so much to let me release stress while typing out all these.


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