Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas is around the corner

Hello everyone!

Christmas is coming soon!!!

I always love christmas althought I am not Christian or Catholic. Things that I love about Christmas is...

1. Official public holiday for ALL

As you know, Malaysia is a multinational country, hence we have the most public holidays as compared to others. Christmas is one of the most lovely public holiday that I love the most, because weather is more cooler, decoration is more colourful and more lighting than Chinese New Year. Basically just more romantic lol!

I used to decorate the house with a tree but is not going to happen this year because we will be having family Christmas party at uncle's house, Puchong. Gonna decorate nicely there. Sis planned to bring the small christmas tree over tomorrow. #eggcited


Yes. Christmas is a festive of giving. Every year, I will have a exchange present with my family and tomo5achi, and this year the tradition goes on...

I have done present exchange with tomo last week, and we were early this year due to timing differences between me and tomo. #malaysiaandsingaporetimingdifferent #specialday

I got a SD card from Ting who bought it at Lazada #efficientpurchadeviaonline and Ting got my present ftom Lazada too lol.

Ps: will blog more about it in the next post. I hope I will remember to blog it. Hehe

Besides that, family exchange present will held on Christmas eve, planned to have BBQ party at uncle's house and present settled. I just hope it will not rain that day. #fingercross

3. Weather is cooler

I don't know why, but it seems that Christmas has the coldest weather throughout the year. Proven! Because is raining cats and dogs outside while I'm typing this indoor.

Is about 27°c now. Don't judge please, Malaysia don't really have such low °c before, so you know what I meant! Cold!!!

I wore shorts with blanket, literally BLANKET while watching tv at living room now.

Yes. I used literally which it might pissed someone else. Haha!

Oh ya. You know that there is one youtuber from western ( sorry, don't know from where) make a video regarding the word "literally" and he pissed off while other party kept using that word. Lol! Just a story lolllll..

Off break and continue the story.

So i have nothing to elaborate about cold now. Just COLD! I need BBQ or something hot!

4. Romantic

Seems that this is a season of romance. While I'm scrolling my facebook, there are few couples who propose and got a yes these few days. <3 p="">

I have nothing to say about this. Off topic haha!

5. Just a wrap of the year!

This is a wrap of the year. After this, another year is coming and is going to be another routine of life. Face challenges, stress, happy, positive and some negative, success and etc etc. All these will come to an ending with love and joy of Christmas every year. #joyfulfestiveever

And is a wrap for this entry!

Ps: is gonna be a great year ahead.

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