Tuesday, January 31, 2017

CNY| sum up my days


Had a great CNY with le familie althought there is circumstances whereby I need to work in the morning and everyone else were having their breakfast outside but I'm still happy tho. 

This year was special because 2nd uncle and aunty went Hatyai and i got to have a great bonding with cousin throughout the day. 

Less gamble but more bonding, less mature but more childhood memories, less people but more bonding. That's sum up my whole 4 freaking days. 

Chu Xi (The reunion day)

 The annual thing to do list, family portrait. We have less people this time.

2nd uncle and aunty went Hatyai and bro wasn't in Malaysia this time.


 The awesome dinner. Miss home cooked so much.

 First (?) Ang pau of the year. Saja!

From parent by the way.

We had so much fun on that day, played pop pop with little cousins and claimed that we are so young. Haha!

Ps: uncle was like please lah. So old already still wanna act young. Lol

Chuyi (First day)

 First time had tang yuan during first day of CNY. My mom had this idea of having it with le familie. So much fun when we were together making the tang yuan.

 And we planned to wear red on the first day.

Ps: everyone did a great job!

 With cousins.

 The girls. Five of us grown up so much until we laughed when we were seeing our childhood photo together.

Everyone still look the same except we are taller now.

 The only guys in the group.

This is how my bro felt last time without them. Meh!!! Why so many girls one? Lol.

 Mom and aunts prepared and served us this. So delicious and I love tang yuan so much.

 First day also meant to be Pizza day. #surprisedinnerbecauseunclewonteatfastfoodatall

 So cheesy i likey.

Chu er (second day)

Second day of CNY also known as the blue day.

 My sis and I bought the same shoes this year (no same clothes, shoes also can lol.) and it is so cute with the smiley face.

 This is what I meant, the blue day. We did not pakat (planned) this time, i swear! It was so coincidentally all the cousins wore the same colour that day.

 And the little cousins somehow matched with us well.

 BTS | when we were posing for a picture.

 Before that, this is what Daphne sent me when she was in the state. I love it soooo much. Thank you so mucccchhhh.

 Chu er is meant for Lou Shang. And we had home made this time.

 And also meant to squeeze some brain juice with the gang!

 Tomo's short gathering too!

Thanks Shin's sis for the winter hat. #tingpleasejoinusinperth

So much fun with le gang this year, we had less time together but more appreciation.

Chu3 (third day)

A special day because uncle decided to stay in Melaka until Chu4 this year. This means we got to hang out together more time.

Went movie with le familie, kung fu yoga yesterday. So much fun listening to the little one laugh non stop in the cinema.

 Had second home made lou shang with a smallwr family group.

Better than the one we had the day before.

And i mean this! Haha. 

These sum up my holidays this year. Had so much fun and tomorrow gonna be a happy working day. 

That's all. Bye!

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