Thursday, December 31, 2015

THROW BACK | Recap 2015

Hello everyone!

Less than 5 hours to 2016 so imma gonna recap my 2015. 

JAN| First meal of the year.

 Had this seafood noodle on the first day of 2015, and it is great start as Ting was the one who paid for this meal.

 FEB | 1600 Panda and new camera
 Visited these 1600 pandas in Publika on Feb 2015. It was a wow when it first came to Publika, and the Facebook was full this picture on that month.

Finally got my first camera which I wanted for years. This is my baby camera sony aplha 5000 that I used for every trip.

 First full version family portrait using my baby!

MARCH | Boracay!

 The first travel of the year, Boracay with my friends. Beautiful scenery, thief science, almost die at the sea while snorkeling, shop til I wanna die. All kind of scene that were really memorable.

APRIL| Gathering with ma friends

 Finally we met up when they came back Melaka. It's been two years we last met.

MAY | Exam week!

Having study and exam leave on May 2015 which was my worst study life ever. Got called by senior asking this and that, make me so stress and can't concentrate on my study at all. However, I was so touched of having good friends around. Bought this Otak- otak from Muar for me when they went Muar without me.

JUNE| The nightmare

Had super peak on this month, slept for 7 hours for freaking two weeks. Senior and Juniors struggled for the review. My worst month ever, scolded by senior for almost everyday, demotivated, depressed, cried in the car and so on...

JULY | Release and farewell

 Release after the freaking June month and I'm happy that I'm no longer under the senior until today :)

And also farewell for Ting who went to Melbourne, Australia in July 1, 2015. Had the most relief month ever, and surprisingly everyone said I gone thin after that super peak month, is that a good thing? Lol.

 And also met up with my ex-colleague who resigned before March 2015. I miss them so much, and there is more to come. T___T

 Sudden urge for cafe hopping with Jen and Shin. The JLS!

SEPTEMBER| Welcome back!
 Welcome back our tomo Ting after three months working and travelling in Australia. Had my first marathon of the year, Run for peace on few days after she came back.

OCTOBER| Will you marry me?

 Attended the proposal for Shinyi on 12 October (if not mistaken), and I feel so wow when I first open the door. The decoration is a wow!

Be happy Shinyi.

OCTOBER| Welcome to Taiwan

 Travelled to Taiwan with Shin and Ting in October, and we had the best days in Taiwan although we gone through some hard time too.

Had first meal with the cruise at Kee Loong and enjoying the hot springs was such a bliss.

 Met this cute Jameson after I came back from Taiwan was quite a bliss, he damn cute and shy that day. I insist taking picture with me.

PS: after this picture we got a good news that Miki momi got pregnant again! Congratulations.

NOVEMBER| Brace my life

Got my braces on which I had blogged previously. I and freaking happy now with my braces on, blue bracket and purple bracket now.

Today was the second month of my brace life, and I and still happy with it.

 And this is how I had my MCDONALD, cut into small pieces and eat it. It tasted weird and I still prefer the right way. Lol
Last gathering of the year with them.

DECEMBER | The end of 2015

This is the most festive and blissful month of all, my birthday, Christmas and family trip!

Had my third trip of the year with ma famille, 15 of us and we still made it to the end!

 Had gift exchange in Penang while we were having family trip on Christmas day.

Really funny gift exchange session with them, video will be up soon.

 And had super pattern picture with all of them at Gurney Drive, Penang.

 Christmas tree while we were shopping at IOI mall last week.

Farewell for my colleague, and she is going to Singapore work next week, will miss you and hope to see you again!

That's sum up my whole year and I realised I done pretty much things in 2015 especially travelling. 3 travels in a year was really great!

So now is my resolution for 2016
- write diary everyday without skipping (planned to start write diary everyday after watching one of the drama)
- get a new experience throughout the year
- get a action camera next year
- don't spend so much ( which not included the camera lol)
- More traveling with friends and family

That's all for my resolution!

PS: go for countdown now! Happy new year everyone!!!!

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