Friday, January 1, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR | How I celebrate new year?

Happy new year everyone!

This is how I celebrate my first day of the year

Celebrating with ma families and friends. Was having countdown with Jen yesterday, and really happy that we all had set out resolution on the spot. 

Imma gonna start achieving my 2016 resolution and hope I can achieve all. Please help me to achieve it.

 Well, got an urge to prepare yummilicious dinner for the family, and me and my sis were really busy YouTube ing for all those recipe and ingredients. 

Roasted chicken by myself. And is pretty done good as what my aunt commented. She doesn't usually praise people one. So I think this is really a success one, and my chicken skin very crispy please. Lol!

Daryed on the first day and one of my resolution is to write diary everyone until next year. Wish me luck, coz I'm out of topic what to write.


I wish the rest of the resolution can be achieve soon.

Alright, this is just a short post to start the year!!!


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