Wednesday, December 23, 2015

TAIWAN | Caliburger in town!

Hi everyone! 

Is another taiwan post which I have delayed few months ago. Was busy with family trip (which is tomorrow) planning, booking, buying present for exchange.. all sort of admin thing need to be done. Sound like working huh! Well, is kinda. 

So, Shin, Ting and I had planned to pay a visit to Caliburger which open by Fish Leong. Lots of good review on this, so we might why go have a try since we at Taiwan that time. It was the only way we can have this Caliburger at that point of time. It wasn't open in Malaysia, BUT by the time we got back to Malaysia, TADA! Caliburger is in Malaysia =___= 

Waste our effort in search this while we were in Taiwan. Hng! 

The day before we headed to some places (can't remember where we supposed to go), we dropped by Caliburger which near some LRT station in Taiwan (search yourself if you happened in Taiwan now or planning to have it in your Taiwan trip). 

Went in the restaurant and this! CALIBURGER!

 The outlook was quite fancy, and there is nothing like Malaysia style. Is just go Taiwanese! LOL!

And one thing good about Taiwanese is THEY ARE FREAKING FRIENDLY, and when we went in any restaurant (except we met one bad manners oyster fried boss who asked us to go away when we only bought like one pack of oyster fried for sharing =__=), they will like Welcome to our restaurant. So friendly, and their 7-11 has the best service of all. The people there so helpful even I am kinda loud, they will still help us with our broken Mandarin.

 Their signature burger is beef something but I am not a beef eater so..

BBQ Chicken will do.

Honestly, this is good but burger kinda burned! See the burger in the picture, it BURNED!!

And Shin's Beef burger with cheese and vegetables. I regretted so much that I didn't order this. I tried some, it tasted so delicious. The CHEESE is the boom!!

And their french fries is so special, freshly cut and fried on the spot. Nah! This is what their waiter said. Speaking about this french fries, one of our routine of eating set burger is to finish the burger and chit-chat then continue with the fries, or maybe you are not. Ok, doesn't matter, but what matter me is that their waiter actually came and ask for the feedback regarding to their fries, it probably because we left lotsa fries after finish eating our burger. And this guy came and ask hi, how is our food? is the fries ok? We were stunned for few second, then Ting said oh is VERY SPECIAL (is really special lah, but I think because we speechless so that's the feedback we gave), I have never eaten before.

I think that waiter got shocked thought we saying we did not like it and he continued to explain how the process of making this fries bla bla bla... and very friendly lah. I felt so bad coz I didn't give any expression to him at all, and I did finish up all the fries because this is how fresh he said. LOL! And I don't wan to disappoint them for not finishing their fries even though we were freaking full man! Don't play play, this burger actually quite filling.

After eating wefie just to show some respect to the owner that we like it.

another wefie shows that we JUST WANNA WEFIE!!! HAHAHHHA!!

This was a great experience in Taiwan as we got "interview" by the waiter and finding for this is so much easier than we thought.

Another long post about Taiwan will be up soon. I am not quite sure when I will finish up as I do not own a laptop plus the internet connection here is so damn bad that I couldn't upload any pictures until 1 hour later. =_____= waste my time!

Anyway, I will still blog til then.

PS: Just realised I did not blog often this year (only 23 posts), quite surprise that I abandoned my blog for so long.

PSS: Tomorrow is the day! FAMILY TRIP YO! 

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