Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunrise in Hyatt Regency Resort

Hello lello!

Imma gonna blog about sunrise in Hyatt Regency Resort, Kuantan.  Before that, I have no idea that I have the chance to actually see sunrise in Kuantan until one of my roommate told me so. My geography subject fail max! Lol..

Anyway, I still wasn't satisfied with their words, so I woke up damn freaking early the next day to see this, and guess what NO SUNRISE on the next day!!!!!! T___T

How can!!!???!!!

They must be bluffing me about this sunrise thingy. Sigh!

Got really sad the first day because the weather just don't want to cooperate with my desired, but I never give up for the second day and God always care about people who never give up (皇天不负有心人) T_____T

Saw this while I was watching show at the balcony (as I mentioned that my room has sea view remember?), then I rushed to the beach just for this beautiful sunrise!!!

Half way up! So excited until I couldn't find my room card. Hahahaha!!

I left the room card in the room and ran to the beach quickly without hesitation.

Ps: felt so sorry to my sleepyhead roommate coz she open the door for me after I came back from the beach, and is probably 7.30am.*guilty smile*

Omg! So nice, and I believed that I'm the only one who saw this sunrise.

It was half way coming out due to the weather was not that right, but at least there are something out.

Walking along the beach and capture some of the waving sea.

So nice to enjoy all this by myself.

Playing the water in the morning is so damn great, and most of my colleagues still sleeping at this point. Lol!

I guess all of them was hang over at that moment.

Walking to the other side of the beach, and is totally different view, rock here and there.

Sunrise at the other side of the beach, so nice yet so far to reach.

The water is separated with the sea, I guess is something to do with fresh water and salted water. I don't know is that true not, so don't blame me if I gave the wrong information lol!

The view is superb!!!!!!

The bridge linked to the other side of the beach, and I went there after breakfast with Melissa, Angel and zi han.

Oh ya! Angel and Zi Han was our neighbors and the awkard moment is when I sent a room picture to the Whatsapp group and claimed that we had the most wonderful room ever, then few second later Angel replied and said that she is just right beside of us. LOL!

Then again what is the purpose of showing off to them T____T


A must to "claimed" that I own this beach.

Relaxing at the beach after breakfast with my roommate sekalian.

The sun is getting really hot now, probably around 9am.

All thanks to the photographer Mel capturing this photo for me. Chillaxing at the hut is really enjoying. 

But the sun is getting really hot, so all of us decided to just have some walk along the beach.

Then we headed to the bridge which linked to the other seaside.

Freaking nice view from the bridge.

Spot some monkeys playing around on the trees, and surprisingly they aren't afraid of us.

Wefie at the other side of the beach.

The sand is much much much softer, water is much much cleaner and the view is much much much much much nicer!!!

Wave line is so clearly seen.

How can this place so nice and yet nobody notice until the last day??

The rocks, the sand, the sea, the view and the environment... I really love it more than the one I had for two nights.

Can make some music video here already.

Mel caught little crabby and surround it by her hand. Just for a picture, no harm ya!

Selfie in the morning at my room balcony, and can you see the sea view behind? So nice right!??? 

Imma really love seaside or island so much, and it reminds me of my island trip with tomo last year and newly known bunch of new friends from China. Miss it soooo muchhhhh!!!!!

Anyway, that's my end of sunrise morning, and I'll blog about the whole trip soon. Probably until I got all the photo from Mel. Lol!


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