Sunday, October 12, 2014

Octoberfest 2014

Hello everyone!

I'm going to blog about Octoberfest that still going on now. My friends and I went Movida, Malacca last week for the AK birthday celebration, and this two persons got really interesting photo during the photo session. And you will see it until you finish reading but please don't straightway scroll down for that lah. Please read slowly...

I don't really celebrate Octoberfest coz I'm not good in drinking, and practically fail drinking lesson.

Octoberfest 2014 mug!

All of them ordered one tower of Asahi that day. I tried and I don't fancy much on. Well, not a pro for alcohol.

Group photo for the brata and sista.

The girls that day. Happy birthday to Viki!

We ordered the cake from Movida coz we didn't get to buy any from bakery shop. Y u close so fast one?

Ok! Introduced the AK (Andrew and Viki) and the birthday cake which we doubted on.

Well, we ordered something look like a slide of cake but end up this is what they served. =____=

Cheesecake mousse with ice cream in the middle. And the ice cream melted so damn fast after we finished so called shooting. Damn! I love the ice cream but I can't enjoy it. T_________T

Their signature Roasted duck pizza.

Is very cheesy which is my love but I don't get any duck LOL! It drops while I'm taking it up. How come all of the things drop one? Failed max! =______=

Selfie with Jen and Viki

Wanted to snap with this Asahi tower coz I'm too sua gu -literally translate as mountain tortoise- (someone who don't expose to society or not well know about everything)- to see such a big tower on our table.

I don't drink remember?

Andrew's spaghetti 


My cranberry chilled juice that tasted like Ribena. Ahhhh!!!

Asahi for the whole bunch of brata and sista except me and kai loon and mei leng who don't drink at all. I doubted Kai Loon on his drinking skill, and I was like serious meh? You can't drink? Lol! 

Both of them end up ordered tea in Movida LOL!!! At least mine look like something alcoholic that can cheat others.

Ok! My photo are scattered all over the place in case you are wondering why this picture is here.

So they were wishing that time.

Then the craziest one, Wang behind photoboomed us, and Andrew has a half face here HAHAHA! What are you doing cameraKuan?

This is taken by Nexus5 Google phone using the HRD function. To be honest, this is my first try because I don't know the phone has this function *shy face*

Selfie with Jen! A must yo


We are drinking Asahi ok? Hahahaa! I know I know I'm just kidding.

1 litre Octoberfest mug from Movida.

I'm not drinking it for sure!

The juice suit me more. Teehee!!

That's was taken by Jen's Nokia Lumia, and I don't know where to look at, so ended up blur face here.

Picture overlapping another picture.

So hard to get this selfie coz the  brata kept intereupting us. Ishhhh!!!

This is how they interupt us. Blame them for the blurry photo please!

Then interupt again while I selfie with Jen, but at least it turns out quite ok here.  Lol!

Ok, as mentioned earlier that the AK have something special that day, guess what? They were quite scare that we will post up in the Facebook, and we actually didn't post up lah. But I never say I won't blog it what, so here goes...

So sweet right?

We forced them to at least bite the waffer cookies, and the person behind (blocked by Andrew) was quite excited to see this as well. Hahaha!

Jen recorded the video but yet to send to us.

This is brata acting cute 

Laugh die! Especially the peace sign *nightmare*

Alright, I finally complete this blog entry after so long delay. Once again, Happy Birthday to both of you , Viki and Andrew!

End. *yawn* 


  1. Dont spoil the value of Oktoberfest MUG!!

    1. What do u mean i spoil the value of the mug? Swt