Friday, September 12, 2014

Chillax at Hyatt Regency Resort

Hello lello

Hiatus and appeared after weeks, and here I am, Hyatt Regency Resort, Kuantan with my department colleagues. 

I was really freaking pissed off because waking up at 6am and treasure hunt for around 8 hours is really exhausting plus I'm so hungry (didn't have my lunch until we reached the hotel). 

Hungry is a no for me coz i can't stand hunger. Cannot be hungry all the way one! Ok, so we reached Hyatt Resort around 3.25pm and chill a bit at the lobby. No doubt i was quite disappointed how the lobby looks like. Nothing just chair and bunch of people checking in.. lol!! 

However, the moment of happiness is when Mel (my room mate) open the door of our room. Omg! You will never believe how happy I am. And Melissa was like wow! So fast change your mood one?

 Our room view. How can I be moody for this freaking nice view? Omg omg omg! I love it so much.

 Wow wow wow! Beach and coconut trees. My dream come trues *running with tears*

 Random room card with viki's souvenir from Taiwan yo!

Ps: chillaxing while typing this out. Hahaah!

 Random decoration at the lobby. Snap this while waiting for performance practice but end up nothing happen then went up to chillax. Lol!

Y i so chill one? #lifeisgood
 Random roof with random caption. Haha!

 Bed of two. Gonna bear hug my roommate tonight *evil laugh*

Super soft and cozy here, plus the view outside of my window. How nice if I have it like every single day.

 Toilet with bathtub.

 Free gift.

 The view from where I am now. Nice not? Straightway to the beach view.

Ps: gonna take some night view later, and I can stay here for the whole day man!

Oh ya! 'There is a table for us but I bet we hardly use it coz there are more fun outside haha!

Alright end here and continue my chillax time before the gala night and my performance later later. Gonna be very spontaneous for all this scene. Scary man!


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