Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Food Hunt from KL to Kuantan!

Hello bello!

I'm still in holiday mood today, how can I work tomorrow??? 

Anyway, i would like to share the food we have hunted throughout the group trip. As I mentioned earlier that there is a treasure hunt session on our first day of Kuantan group trip. Or you don't even read my previous post? Lol! Read it before this please. Click http://pinkaholiclydia.blogspot.com/2014/09/chillax-at-hyatt-regency-resort.html?m=1 for previous blog post. Hahahaha!

We were not quite interested in the treasure hunt, more on food hunting instead. 

First stop for the trip was to have a delightful breakfast before heading to the first treasure hunt destination. They decided to go to the infamous Restaurant Pan Heong at Batu Cave, KL. 

Fish porridge with century egg

My favourite century eggs and is a must for me.

Cantonese fried. 

Well, this can be in my best list now. I love the fact that they served while the eggs still half cooked. 

Their infamous mamak style mee goreng, not bad wey!!

Is very different from those mamak stall, and is really delicious. It tasted like ketchup mee and is my cup of tea. 

After the hearty breakfast we headed to our first destination which I don't really care about. Somewhere after Gombak toll and tunnel and Genting something. Alright! That doesn't matter at all, the problem was when we headed to the second food hunt station, Restaurant Kow Po for ice cream.

We couldn't find the place by using Waze!!!!!!!

Totally lost in the middle of nowhere, turn here and there and still Waze gave the wrong direction, how can!!!!????

I was really giving up because no time for the treasure hunt anymore, and insist to just move on instead of ice cream hunting. Ya right! I'm easily gave up, I know. In the end, our driver Gina found the place, and here we are!!!

RESTAURANT KOW PO with famous ice cream in Bentong town!

Good job for not giving up. *thumb up*

My picture is not organise coz blogging in phone has it limitation. Lol!

Anyway, this is the group photo in Restaurant Pan Heong.

Ok, jump back to the ice cream. According to Google, their ice cream is very famous in Bentong town. So is not my problem if you think is not yum enough.

We ordered their signature Kow Po ABC ice kacang. And to be honest, the ice kacang basically just quite normal, BUT the ice cream is great. 

I should order only for the ice cream, so creamy and it won't melt so easily. 

After the ice cream, we end our first day food hunt from KL to Kuantan. We supposed to have the Kuantan famous curry mee as our lunch one, but Waze brought us to the wrong direction AGAIN! 

The second day of food hunt....we continued food hunt, but this time with bunch of other colleagues. It was so much fun with them searching for more foods. 

Went to the cheap Cendol in town. I think the taukie was damn busy serving our department colleagues that day. Every colleagues went to the same place for desserts lol.

Quite cheap RM2 for cendol with glutinous rice. Not bad right?

Seldom see RM2 in anywhere, not even in Melaka anymore. Y so expensive nowadays?

Then after desserts, we went for main course. Haha! Weird mm  sequence right? Don't you know girls always choose desserts first!?

Curry mee at Jess cafe, Kuantan.

Steal this picture from one of our colleague coz I forgot to *feed* my phone before eating. Too excited to try on it. 

I love their yong tau fu, the filling was quite tasty. 

Group photo at the cendol stall, and our boss came to join for picture.

Our wefie before the boss join us. 

Y our face look so nice one? The power of camera 360. Mmmm....

It was really a fun food hunting days with bunch of colleague, but the consequence of food hunting is the weather really killing us. Lol!

Alright, end this and take a sleep now!

Ps: gonna be Wednesday blue tomorrow.

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