Sunday, August 24, 2014

The prior and current weekend

Hello Lello!

I have been hiatus for quite sometimes, probably two or three weeks? 

My last and current weekend was quite happening because we had celebrated Ting the August baby birthday and Jennifer graduation day. 

Last Friday I was quite rushing from Banting to meet all of them. I always being late due to massive traffic jam I had on the highway on Friday night. Y u always jam? 

So I was the last to arrive and I got no power to give any suggestion. *zip my mouth at the moment* 

We went to Alexis bistro, Bangsar for our really late dinner (sorry is my fault).

 My late dinner was smoked salmon sandwiches, and is very delicious. I love salmon so much!

The rest of them ordered carbonara spaghetti, seafood spaghetti and chicken sandwiches. No photo as it is rude to stop people from eating LOL. Nolah! Just a matter of laziness.

 Their signiture Alexis tiramisu which I think is normal.

And before that Jane was like I want Alexis tiramisu. So first come to my mind was Alexis Tiramisu is the shop name, and I couldn't find any in Google map. My fault again.

 Mixed fruit something. Ordered this is because we want something nice in our instagram HAHAHAHAHA!

Birthday girl ruined her own cake with another cake. Lol!

 We went second round at Coffea Coffee (without e and with an a)

I'm not coffee lover so this is chai orea smoothies (I think, I couldn't remember any name, short term memory ok?) I ordered and it really tastes like Chinese New Year kiam shen di (sour plum).

 Selfie with thr birthday girl, and Happy belated birthday yo! I wonder what will you get in your birthday. #tomoexchangepresent

 This girl cannot stop being crazy one, everytime got funny funny faces hahahaa.

 And I just followed what she did. Lol

 Wefie and yes that's Jane holding the camera and En Ting being "high" hahahaa

 Another wefie with drink all over the places.

End of our last week gathering and I overnight in Jane house after that.

Start another weekend with graduation girl. We went Cyber MMU around 3pm and guess what I'm the earliest among all of them. See! Blame the traffic jam please.

Ps: Ting was the late comer

 This game is the best! Ting bought this game after watching running man. Tell the story later.

 Shinyi and Jennifer congratulations! I couldn't find Rebecca at this point

Too bad
 Spent like 20 minutes just to selfie with this busy girl. She was no where after I take my phone out, busy woman always very busy.

So I just have a wefie with this two girls before that. Crazy ne

Anyway, the story of us losing the game I mentioned just now. Five of us (Me, Ting, Jane, Cody and En Ting) played this game in library cafe, then our rule of the game is treat the last survivor Lucy movie ticket.

We need to like put the sword in the hole, and is consider lost if you have pop out the doll.

So obviously I'm the unlucky one, so i contributed 30% of the movie ticket, Jane only 20% and En Ting 50% to our beloved belated birthday girl. And our most unlucky one was Cody coz he is totally bad luck, the doll pop out after the first shot from him. So free movie ticket to Jennifer *clap clap*
Wefie before enter for Lucy movie. 

Anyway, we went for Lucy movie, and was quite disappointed. I mean really disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why on earth I want to watch this?

Lol! Feeling ao exhausted after typing so much coz I still in sleeping mood wey!  Slept at 4am yesterday and woke up at 10am. How's life!?

Alright. End here.

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