Sunday, August 10, 2014

Welcome back our long-time-no see relatives

Hello lello!

The purpose of having this steamboat already show in the title above, and yeap! Welcome back my fellow long-time-no-see relatives. Oh well, not exactly long-time-no see, because we met each other few weeks ago in KL. LOL

I mean long-time-no-see in our hometown Malacca, so now who is those relatives? I bet some of y'all are confusing right now. 

My sister cousin and her parents which is my uncle and aunty from Subang came back after a longgggggg absent in Malacca yo!
PS: OMG! I totally forgot about this entry, and it stated from June2014, which means it was 2 months back. Oh well, now I'm gonna continue to blog it, if my laptop battery is still okay for it.

Steamboat gathering is always a must for family, and it will end up to many left over for the next day.

My little nicky boy who is very skinny until my friend said we tortured him. Oh wei! We are innocent. *innocent face*

my very first try in rolling the sushi, and the rice was totally a fail one. However, the two little cousins finished all just for me.. awww.. so sweet!

The first try and totally fail max which I don't even want to eat it. I tried again the next potluck gathering with them, and it was totally a success one. Show you guys when I have the time. LOL!

Kimchi which uncle bought in so called Ampang Korean Village. I don't know where, but it tastes so authentic and it similar to the one I had in Korea last 2 years.

Only RM 20 for this big box. Cheap right?

Camwhore with this boy and his mom when he was doing his housework on the dining table. We were so pitying him because he got to do his housework whenever we had our gathering outside the house.

Gambateh neh!

Ok! The steamboat was quite nice, even the miss-no-camera also put her thumb up.

PS: Sis gonna kill me on posting this picture. LOL!
Selfie with Jun Shen

Selfie with our twisted tongue, nobody can do it except two of us. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

We kept showing off to the others on this trick we had, and they were like wow! How you both do it? HAHA!

Continue with our tongue selfie. This boy cannot stop with his tongue seriously.

Johnny the female dog of my neigbour. She has the most manly name ever!

Selfie with ma sista, and good eyes people, we are wearing the same shirt we bought this Chinese New Year.

and the boy came in again with his tongue.

Mei wan mei liao (no ending) with his tongue.

Then my sista got a fright because of my too ugly and scary face.

PS: Again with his tongue. I guess he is too proud of his tongue trick.


Oh yeah! This little boy that miss all the selfie because he went to feed Johnny the female dog while we were having selfie together. This boy went all the way to take Nicky food and gave to Johnny, how sweet is him!
In the end, Johnny ate all Nicky food and Nicky gonna eat sand after that.. LOL! Just a joke.
End of the family gathering we had once in awhile. Hardly meet all of them together because my 2nd uncle always had difficulties in applying leave for holidays.

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