Sunday, August 10, 2014

Super random entry that nobody care! LOL

Hello Bello!

I have hiatus since the last entry for Bangkok hotel, and I couldn't update more on Bangkok trip coz I haven't got all the photo from my sis plus I have no time (too muc excuses I know LOL)

By the way, I'm back in Melaka again for this weekend, not much I have done except movie marathon in the living room alone (so much fun watching my favourtire movie alone in the living room) and gathering with the brata and sista.

Yeap! So long since we last meet again.

I'm just planning to write something really random while waiting for my work to sync. It has been a long week for me as I'm staying hotel from the day I came back Bangkok, and really miss home so much.

Is not a bad thing staying in the hotel, but it kinda boring in the so called "jungle" place with no entertainment at all. The only entertainment I have is went to colleague room and have a mess on their bed, chit-chatting and all.

Alright! I think my work has already sync, and imma gonna stop my portable hotspot, and write more in next entry!


PS: Just to update and stay alive here yo.


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