Thursday, July 17, 2014

Berkerly Hotel Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand.

Hello from Bangkok, Thailand.

I had just landed Bangkok and checked in to Berkerly Hotel Pratunam this morning. I can't wait to share the awesome hotel I'm staying right now. 

Berkerly Hotel Pratunam is located right beside Palladium mall and opposite to Pratunam market, less than 10mins walk (depend on your speed tho). 

I wasn't really trust the review on the internet regardingless it is a five star or three star hotel, coz you know everything is for illustration purpose.

However, this is a yes hotel for me. We booked family room whereby there is a double bed and single bed. 
The bed are so comfortable.

A safety box to put our valuable belonging such as passport, money or even gold from Chinatown, Bangkok. Lol!

Bathing clothes (is that what they called?) provided to us for bathing and swimming.

A television that always show Thai news, and most of the news was talking about MH17. Yeap, the incident happened on the first day of our trip (after we slept at night). How can they just shoot some innocent people? Well, this is for another entry, and let's concentrate on the room. Emmm..

Normal shampoo, shower cap and whatsoever you can think of.

The handkerchief and water for us, and I'll drink all the water coz I don't understand why Bangkok sold slightly salted mineral water in 7-11.

It slightly tastes like salted water, weird!

Bath tub

My sis and I were enjoying this bath tub on the first day, and both of us was like wow! This is so relaxing, and I wish to be here forever *splashing the water* Hahahahahaha!

Transparent shower room.

Provide more than enough towers.

And a big mirror to selfie.

Ps: everyone said I look like my sis in this picture, even momi got confused lol. However, my sis wasn't that happy seeing this lol.

 The lobby is awesome, but one thing that I don't like is because hotel CANNOT provide pen. Seriously they won't provide any pen, and you know what they actually only BORROWED you no matter how emengency the things is.

We can also keep fit in here, but basically i just go for swimming instead of gym. Hahaha! Many excuses not to go gym.

North tower swimming pool which I don't really like.

Lift lobby.

The main tower swimming pool which I went to, and is transparent ok?

There is jacuzi as well.
Lobby mirror.

I really very satisfied for my Bangkok trip hotel and is only RM100 per person per night.

Alright! I should stop here and you know what? I still stay in hotel but this is for work purpose, so sad yet not really that sad coz I have bunch of crazy colleagues yo!

Anyway, is time for me to sleep before another busy day headed to me. T.T

Ps: I spent like a week to finish up this entry, so can you imagine how busy I am since the day I came back from Bangkok?

Wait for my Bangkok trip entry after this, a great food trip I must say!

Good night!

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