Saturday, April 5, 2014

Gathering with the ladies!

Hello world!

*Chillaxing while writing this blog post in the morning* I'm waiting for my senior anyway.

Last Saturday, the ladies and I went to De'vere cafe which located at Kampung Lapan, Melaka for some chat. And you know what, the place surprisingly petite. I mean seriously small, and it can only occupied two tables.

At first we were like "hey! Can we sit inside" and waitress was like no! You can't coz no place"

Then we thought the waitress doesn't want us to go in because we haven't order anything. Who knows!? They really lack of place! Sorry.

Anyway, here are the dessert we ordered. Oh gosh! It's dessert, ladies' heaven. *drooling*
The infamous strawberry love waffer, and they have a nice name for it which I really can't remember. I think is strawberry lover!

Another infamous dessert banana chocolate waffer. Awwww

My Apple Crumble which I don't really love it. Weird!

Ps: senior is here, and I should continue later lol

Alright! Continued after 12 hours. Wow! Had so much fun just now with the both Ting and Jia Wei. I'll try to post that part with the April babies birthday celebration.

Well, I should continue the part I missed out in the morning...

So, big head aka Yun Chee ordered this and all of us was like wow! We are gonna be dam freaking full by looking it. It doesn't look big portion but we are way to full after the first two waffer.

We finished all in the end, and selfie time with them!
The normal one while waiting Shinyi

The crazy one without Shinyi again... why miki always look so pretty one?

This girl really doesn't has big head and she insists to be named as Big Head. Weird right?

I told her since the day we met, and she still insists to be big head. Lol
And finally Shinyi the late comer join us, and all of us got to selfie inside the cafe! Yahoo...What a petite cafe they have.

Stole this pic from Shinyi's Facebook. The nine column combined pic  lol

The three of us from Miki's phone camera. Yes! She is the pretty bride I blogged last two weeks.

We had really great time together. Catch up and update each other for special day. I can't wait the day to come.  Awww..

Ok. End this and next!
I bought this last week and it only costs RM18. So cheap but I yet to read lol.

And my senior bought some souvenirs for us. The Thai instant noodle and some cracker for use to ease our stomach at anytime. Emmmm... good senior! Lol...

Alright! I think I'm gonna end this because my phone lack of battery right now, and I'm sleepy after so much catch up with both Ting and Jia Wei.


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