Saturday, April 5, 2014

Is the Aprill babies birthday again

Hello word!

It's raining day! And today is our first April baby birthday...

Happy birthday to you Shin

 And she is happily having a cake that day!

 Second April baby which her birthday will be on next week!

 Third birthday baby- birthday on last week of April.

Is a must to we celebrate each other birthday every year, and got to update each other. Lol!

When I came back from KL last week, we (Ting and I) decided to ask them out for late night tea session, just in case they got booked.

However, I was totally late for this gathering because the highway was really jam and my sis and I were really trying hard to rush back that day. What an accident day, everywhere was an accident, and the scariest was the car got burn up after the accident and we were way to near the car omg! It was around 100m away from us! Just imagine if it explode..I can't imagine now. T.T

Anyway, I'm safe and celebrating birthday with the April babies and Ting.

 Flubby also wanna take a pic with the cakes!

 Ting bought the cake at Secret Recipe. White chocolate, chocolate cheese moose and my favourite Durian cake! Omg it's good! Freaking love durian so much.

When we open the box, omg the durian smell so good, and my sis previously told us that Ting had chosen the right cake for the right person because the cake taste very real. I mean real durian flesh is the best.

Then Ting tried, and she was like it didn't taste as what my sis said, and it was really sweet and totally not durian taste. Both of us were wondering why it didn't taste like durian, quite disappointed.

Then, we only realise that we actually tested the white chocolate instead of durian coz Shin keep reassures that the durian cake was the white chocolate because she tasted before. Lol. Shin you are totally wrong!

 Happy ending with failed selfie! Ting lost one eye.

 I lost mine in another selfie and Jennifer got no face here, only flubby got to show up!


Well, as I mentioned in previus blog post that I'm gonna post yesterday outing.

Yes here it is!

Both Ting (En ting and Ting), Jia Wei and I went Chilli yesterday for late dinner. I was totally late due to there was a real big jam all the way from my work place to my house. Arghhh! Y always JAM when there is something on? Sigh!

I reached Paradigm mall around 8.30pm. And quickly ordered some food because is too late.

 Ting's food which I really don't know the name of it.

 Freeflow chips with the sauce. Emmm... I don't really heart the sauce, but the chips is nice.
And my caju chicken burger. Is normal seriously. Nothing really wow about.

And tell you what, we forgot to selfie a group photo again. Seems like after having this phone, I don't really like to selfie anymore coz is really hard to handle.

I should apply the Groupon selfie lesson which Jia Wei mentioned yesterday HAHA!

Anyway, gonna stop here and have my bread as breakfast. I should sleep longer coz is raining you see. Haiz.

Ps:  had a bad news yesterday nicky boy is having lots of flea and my second uncle admitted is the hospital because both leg and hand numb.

Haiz. Bad news everywhere and good news is coming soon I guess!

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