Thursday, June 9, 2011

Singapore Science Center is great!


It’s time for me to blog. I’ve been busy with my school things since the day after my Singapore trip, and I’m so tired of doing things which every first semester need to do, many things need to be applying here and there all over again in first semester. Right now, I should stop crap about my school things, and proceed to Singapore trip!!!!

Hoya! The first day of my trip was the worst, coz I need to wake up at 4am, and prepare to gather at SKE around 5.30am. This is worse than the day I went to Penang. Before embraked to Singapore, we need to pray.

Around 6am, we got up to the bus, and it's time for me to SLEEP!!!!!!

3 hours of journey, we finally reached Singapore immigration.

And successfully enter to Singapore!! Imma going to Singapore, I was so excited, and looking around to the max, so that I wouldn't miss anything.

I'm sua gu I know, but this is the first time I went to Singapore!!!!!

SKE people were so so friendly. The moment we step in to the bus, they started to distribute bread and snack for us. One of the SKE members was so damn friendly, he distributed the Bee Hive cake baked by his wife to all of us in the bus! He is so generous.

Our first stop is Singapore Science center.
 The very first science thingy I saw in science center. Nothing special, it is just a water power generator.

 I was so happy to pay a visit to this science center (as you can see in my face =___=), and I'm not ready to take photo yet!

Kinetic garden. It uses the kinetic power to generate...bla bla bla... I don't really remember what I've learn in physics! It is way too far from me right now.

 So, just see the function here!

We were trying to pull the string, so that we can lift up the heavy steel. It has a theory in this science thingy actually. It means the further the postion we stand to pull the string, the easier we can lift up the heavy steel!

 The ticket to enter into the IMAX Movie!

When we enter to the science center, the robot will just right in front of the entrance. It dressed up in chinese style! So cute.

The reflection! The picture appeared in the steel is the reflection of the drawing! Magic right?

It is called as optical illusion, but I love to name it as Magic Illusion!

This is interesting! When we move toward, the picture at the board will move is as well. It just look like as if they are moving with us!

The magic mirror! With one button, we can change our outfit into cowboy or princess! I love it.

The steel ball which reflection of left and right! So you notice my finger at left and right?

There are quite a numbers of people went to science center on that day. It's freaking packed there!

But still, pack is not a reason not to explore something new!

Yes! I found something really INTERESTING!!

Let's guess together, okay??

 TADA!! There is my head at the plate of fruit! Is this interesting? No?? Yes??

After this, it's time for us to enjoy the IMAX movie. We were quite rushing actually, and we didn't even finish looking at some of the creative invention T___________T

But it's okay, coz I'd saw almost all of the invention at there!!!

The show which will be in the IMAX Cinema. The movie of the day was Sea Rex.

Camwhore with my aunty, but I look so weird here!

 Get another photo, but it is blurry! OMG!!!

Basically the movie is all about the appearance and extinction of the sea creature or dinasour, and which creature will be the king of sea.... As I mentioned IMAX Movie, it just a round screen with 3D effect. Sometimes mom and aunty got headache when watching at the screen, so they choose to sleep at there! *sweat*

 The Roman War God! It just right outside of the cinema.

Oh yes! This is the game everyone had addicted (even my mom). It is mainly about hitting the ball to the goal, and it is freaking difficult to strike it into the hole!

We headed to the next stop around 12pm!!

Mama Lucy bought this photo for remembrance, and it cost $16 for 2 pieces of the photo up there! It is so expensive @.@

After this journey in Science Center, I think I can be a scientist!! MUAHAHAHA...Expert already! Just kidding.. 
Well, our nex stop is CHINATOWN!
 I love Chinatown so much, coz most of things at there was not as expensive as what we saw in every places of Singapore!

We were going to have our lunch in this Chinatown complex, and the food was quite delicious.
 Mom's Tom Yam Mee. I love this so much, but it is quite spicy for me. Too bad!

My chicken mee. Chicken with eggs mee, my favourite! But it is kind of sweet actually. I wonder why Singapore food always so sweet.

After our lunch, we went to the temple opposite this complex, and I'll blog this in the next entry! Stay tuned!

PS: I'm so tired right now, imma feeling so sleepy!!! I'll try to blog tomorrow, I promise!

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