Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hokkaido| Sapporo Fish market

Day 2 of our trip to Sapporo.

The weather was great and we do some exercise around the area. When I said exercise mean walk around in their residential area.

 The weather was just perfect for some walk and I'm impress with their cleanliness, no rubbish bag outside their house at all. Mostly we have a rubbish bin outside of our house then we throw whatever things inside there and wait for rubbish collector to come and collect on cretain day.

But in Japan is totally different! Their rubbish collection system is very strictly and they have rubbish collector schedule on thing to be collected such as recycle and non recycle. Their non recycle also need to be divided into combustible or non-combustible, very confusing. Whenever I tried to throw something, I would stand there for hours just to figure out which rubbish bin I should throw in. Sometimes I just feel like I don't want to do this anymore, just throw all this when I'm home (I mean Malaysia coz Japanese need to divide their own rubbish in there home too =___=).

 Other than their rubbish throwing system, everything was so great there. I am like wow! Their house is soo cuteeee (I kinda Sau gu - person who doesn't know a lot of things - at there), why their house looks like a box? Why this and that.

 Every house got their surname on it. I guess Japan is very safe for living. Lol.

 Another thing that impress me is their farming skill. I can see lots of flowers were planted like this in every houses. Why they so creative one? I don't need to go ton Furano already.

The weather is super nice that day. Every picture is just like boom. 

After some walk, we bathed and headed to the fish market. They said this is thespecially infamous fish market in Sapporo city, so yeah if you are interested, Google yourself. Lol!

I'm a bad travel writer I know. Tee Hee

 They sell crab everywhere, and the price is cheap as compared to others.

The most important is that they are fresh!!


 Frozen but still very fresh.

 The fish market is goddamn clean, you will never see such a fish market in Malaysia I bet you.

No single water leak out from the container and no slippery floor at all. Everything is so clean and DRY!

 And you can taste some of the freshest products there as well. This is KunBu, seaweed for the seaweed soup. It tastes superb and I bought one packagelse home just for trying. So freaking sweet!

We went upstairs for their restaurant. And you know what? SASHIMI in the morning is a BOOM. Never in my life had such awesome breakfast, WHT a luxury life I had.

 Sashimi platter for a try.

 Live squid.

It so fresh and tender!

 My sashimi rice 3200 yen

The portion was freaking damn big and the seafood is sooooo fresh. Every single sashimi is so awesome.

Look at the Uni and Ikura!!! The sweetness and is texture is sooooo goooooddd. I can have 100 bowls of this everyday without regret. Basically everything in my bowl is a BOOM!

 Ikura and salmon rice. 1630 yen

 Uni and ikura rice 3100 yen

I should order this that day because the bowl is much more smaller than the one I had and uni!!

 2500 yen.

Tuna belly ( if not mistaken)

 Some part of tuna 2500 yen.

But this is soo nice!!! I love it but I was too full that time so I had only one of it.

Too bad.

 After breakfast, we walked around the place and I found this, the post office- my every trip must go place. I posted my postcards and here we go for another destination.

The fish market is such as boom.

This is a place for people who want to visit Sapporo. You MUST go coz the seafood is much more cheaper and fresher than others.

Just go and grab some seafood and eat it, but just order whatever that is within your pocket lah. If not you need to work with them for a compensation ( haha! Just kidding, I don't know the punishment lah) or go to the jail maybe. Lol!

We spent around RM900 for that particular meal so if you think I'd expensive, go for sharing and I bet you all will be very satisfy with only small portion.

Anyway that's my second day breakfast in Sapporo. Will update Otaru trip in next entry.


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