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TRAVEL| Sapporo, Hokkaido

Hello everyone, 

I think most of you think that I have gave up blogging especially my friend datou aka seawhysea. Yeah, I kinda stop blogging after working life but nope, I never give up blogging until today. 

I just couldn't find a perfect time to sit down and type out a post peacefully with a laptop. Laptop died two years back and yet to get a replacement now, so every post from 2014 onward was came from my hand phone. Just bare with me all the typo, Grammer mistake and etc. Is hard to reread back with hand phone.

Oh well, I'm now gonna write about my trip to Sapporo, Hokkaido few months back. I finally got to lay down and type out this blog post before Monday blue hit me. 

Had night flight to Sapporo on Friday, and what I still remember is that the flight was so empty until all of us got to have 3 seats all by ourselves, great moments ever. 

Slept the whole row all by myself is blissful and I got to see sunrise on the airplane. 

*fed up because I couldn't upload the sunrise picture I took on the airplane arghh!* Just trust me that the sunrise is awesome. 

Touched down Sapporo at 8 in the morning and had the very first breakfast - Yogult drink in Japan. Waited the taxi to pick us up and here we started our journey, get our car and vrooommm..

First stop - the first proper meal in Sapporo, WAGYU!

 This is the famous wagyu shop in Sapporo as what they told me. At first I doubted on the so called famous wagyu will impress me as I'm not a beef eater. I don't eat beef for whole life (try is a consider beef eater, please.)

By the way, the weather just not in a good mood when we touched down. I guess we always bring rain to the country, and Japanese should thanks us for bringing so much rain that day, just kidding.

Very authentic Japanese restaurant with very kind and friendly lady boss/owner.

Japanese is very polite in term of serving and talking to others.

Off topic: there is one time when I was on the road and accidentally bang a middle-aged lady in one of their shopping mall. I was very panic and kept say "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" and you know what she also apologise to me at the same time. I stun and feel so nice that even though I was wrong at the first place, they will make u feel that you are not wrong. I love them so much and thank you for that middle-aged lady for not making me feel bad at all.

So, we ordered a couple of meat, beef, pork and lamb. And to be honest, I hold back for beef.

Pork belly for me as I'm not a beef eater.

With pumpkin and potatoes for grill.

Wagyu beef. Please don't ask me which part is all this because I only know I like the thick one the most. Hahahaha!

On grill and everyone was like come! Must take this picture of grill part. Gosh I'm drooling now.

The 500g wagyu beef for 8000 yen if not mistaken. And they told me that the best part was the fats, ithe dissolve in their mouth nicely.

I was like omg, are you sure about that? I don't eat any animal fats such as when I only eat the meat part of cha siew instead of the whole Thing, so it makes me eat damn slow everytime. Hence I hold back when I saw this.

Their backyard with duckling and birds makes a great pictures.

Some red leave that got my attention

This is the most expensive meal I ever had in my trip, RM500 to RM600 for 4. Emm..not a budget one.

On our way to Furano, we stopped by for toilet break at a melon shop.

FYI, everyone in Furano sell their signature melon.

And everyone had a beautiful flower farm all by their own. Why so nice one?

If I'm Japanese I would like to stay in Furano than Tokyo.

But the weather just meh...

Melon for the tourist and is freaking expensive. I wonder how they survive in Japan haha! But everything in Japan are high quality, even their fruits are sweeter than others.

Their corn is sweet..

Melon is sweet..

Even toilet also had nicer smell than others, why Malaysia don't have toiletlike that. Lol..

After that we headed to the Furano farm for tourist

Melon products are all over the places, from melon cake to pudding to ice cream to bread.

What you can think of is all here.

The melon puff that is just so-so for me.

Their famous flower farm.

The rain doesn't ruined my mood at all. Flower to yellow green purple..

This is what it supposed to look like when the weather is good.  I just snap a picture of others and claimed is mine. Noleh, this is just to show you how it looks like when is sunny day.

Ps: this is a picture from the flower gallery.

The purple motor for Jen. Lol

Took this picture just to show it will be a great picture.

Drove another hour just for this flower farm.

Less people better flower for picture.

And have this bear make of wheat grass.

You can sit here if there is no rain.

Small sunflower just to cheer us up.

As you can see the flowers are blooming so beautifully even with a bad weather.

I'm so glad!

Panaroma shot

The bell that everyone rang it without a reason. Lol! I was taking the picture above when one of them secretly rang this freaking bell. I nearly "die" of shock, and all of them laughed non stop after that. So to revenge, I wanted to ring this bell but end up more laughter coz I couldn't ring the bell properly. Lol! Embarrassed to the max!

Everything is in purple, and this is what I taken for Jen as a souvenir lol.

First day in Sapporo was kinda fun although we got the most terrible weather and we didn't get to visit the blue pond due to road block.

Overall, four star for the first day in Sapporo and I think the most fun day through the trip lol. Natural scenery is always my favourite I must say, because I'm not a town person haha!

Anyway, second entry will talk about my second day which is more on town area and foodie!

Stay tuned and bye.

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