Thursday, May 19, 2016

Stupid thought

"Being inconsiderate is the most unattractive of all things" quote by my friend, Daphne.

This was after we were told to work tomorrow (which is firm's holiday) and weekend. I was abit disappointed  in the sense that I can't attend procession tomorrow at Malacca. I was planning to head back at 3am and join the parade but this was not a good news, predictable!

Some of the juniors weren't that happy as you can see the quote line from Daphne, but what would I said is that everything happened for a reason. You will never what would happen until it happens. I was prepared to work tomorrow as there will be meeting after meeting, life still goes on...

It just remind me of how frustrated when I was told to work on weekend when I'm the junior. I mean fair enough, because after graduating from University, your mind always full of energeticourse, plans after plans, outing after one another.. There is always plans in our head back then, but no more. My life is getting bored and entertainment is a big NO for me. I rather sleep for the whole day without deadlines, phone call and etc.

I'm tired but still not sleeping now.  Life goes on!

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