Saturday, May 21, 2016

BRACE MY LIFE| Fourth and Fifth month

Hello world!

Long time no see...

Here come my fourth and fifth month of brace my life. So, after disappearing for almost two months, I have decided to reappear and hello world!

Been so long since my last update, busy with works and study which I have literally failed again. Felt disappointed but I think my way of study was totally wrong so next try gonna  be a tough one and imma gonna take more leave and study thoroughly. Anyway, fourth and fifth month of braces was alright. 

 I have choose colourful rubber band since third month and the dentist said I am so adventurous as compared to sis. She is either grey or white or transparent. Duh! Not my style.

I'm having 4 colours now, bright green, blue, pink and red!

As what I said, I was busy with my work so I don't  really care about my braces throughout the month until it came off slightly last Thursday.  I got shocked and the lower teeth was freaking in pain. I couldn't push the wire inward, and it shift after I push the wire! Gosh, mad life. Now I know how pain when your teeth move.

I'm so lucky that I have only one teeth to shift instead of whole batch of teeth. Scary!

Celebrating seawhysea birthday when the momi and shinyi got really free to meet up. This will be the last meet up until Miki give birth next month. I can't  wait to meet the baby #2 now.

Another picture with Shinyi before her husband come and pick her up. Time flies.. Shinyi had became wife of her husband. Sound old for myself.

Last day of freaking peak month, and I had Lobster for dinner. This is my first time yet a new experience of having dinner at boss's house.

Then, I had BBQ the next day with Tomo and friends.

My teeth are getting stronger and straighter now. 5 months of braces life and I'm gonna take up in 1.5 years.

That's so fast!
And it was Bee's belated birthday as well. Begin and end with BBQ with Tomo!

PS: that's what Ting meant, 5!

Ice-cream is my biggest enemy now because I had this sensitive tooth whereby it got so pain whenever I had ice-cream. Seriously!?

And have a picture with Daphne on our last day in the hotel, braces friend.

Fourth and fifth month of braces were the best month because I felt awesome to have my teeth straighten and I felt happy whenever I compared with my previous teeth.

Happy day!

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