Saturday, February 27, 2016

BRACE MY LIFE| Third month


Here come my third month as "ugly betty" after first month and second month, This month wasn't that that pain anymore, and hello to lower braces. 

The dentist agreed to put on my lower braces this month. The pain wasn't that bad actually, but I couldn't really bite any in first few days which make me suffer for awhile. 

The dentist give a red band for Chinese New Year. Is damn funny when the dentist actually told me about how red is very "ONG" in CNY, so yeap, she just fixed it without asking. LOL

I love it after few weeks anyway.


Ignore my swollen lips, nope, it is not because of braces that make it swollen. Due to allergic! Use the wrong toothpaste, gosh!

After the first day of third month, I decided to have dinner with Ting at Bamboo House, Subang to have Korean BBQ.

Like real pork belly on the stove, but i couldn't bite properly at all. The pork belly was rather hard after BBQ process. Man! I need a strong powerful teeth to bite it. So mission fail on this for lower braces.

First time fail in biting after 3 months.

Then after 3 days, having this tender pork ribs, and this is the best in town (I couldn't remember the name of it) and soft. I can bite like 100 pieces also no problem. Great job with the ribs.

It was my third day after the lower braces fixed.

Nachos for braces is a Big NO I would say.

One thing that is bad for lower braces is that more food stuck in between, especially vegetables (now I know why Jane always said leaf vegetable is very hard to eat, know the feeling of frustration when need to clean up my teeth) and bread (stuck in my braces easily as well.) The first two months was alright with all this stuck problem, but when come to third month, I feel the frustration!!

But still I went on for Lau Sang twice this year. Being so frustrated after eating all this vegetables and fish. Cleaning is a tedious process, and more embarrassing when you are actually outside of your house. Kept running to the toilet to clean is not a way man!

Imma gonna find a nice way to clean it. Training my tongue yo!

Then, having reunion dinner with all the St. Davidian. Serious speaking, I think I would rather eat noodle than rice because it is easier to clean up. But is not for everyone i would say, Jane couldn't do it. She loves rice more. LOL!

The happiest thing is that my inside tooth actually came out now! OMG! Is like magic to me, everyday I look at the mirror and I see some changes. I wonder how the bracket and wire make so much differences for my teeth?

I am curious and I kept show my teeth to everyone around me. Teehee! I know is kinda disgusting but i'm happy. HAHA!

Potluck on 6th CNY with the Tomo

More food is available for me after 2 weeks, vegetable, peanut, snacks, soup with lotus, fruits and all kind of hard hard food i also can bite already now.

Feeling so awesome when I actually bite bread with my front teeth. I couldn't back in the first and second month, I don't dare to bite with it and no energy as well. But now, *fireworks* I CAN DO IT ALREADY!

Eating burger without biting is so difficult so the shiokness of eating gone, but now I can do it. LOL! Too happy to express the feeling.

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So Tomo having this potluck reunion on 6th day of CNY, and we have this sudden idea of having another group name from the inspiration of some other group name which make us laugh so much.

Yeap! We are the Forever YOUNG!

So coincidentally that each of us fit in to the alphabet. LOL!

PS: Obviously I am Y because lYdia! Thank you.

*After advertisement break*

So now when I take picture of myself, I wouldn't see any hole in my upper teeth anymore, so glad that it shift to it correct position after so many years. (No I am not going to tell how many years, in case you check my age LOL! Forever YOUNG, remember?)

Last picture with the cousins of the year before bro fly off to Sydney yesterday. It gonna be another year of meeting all again.

So long yet so short!

Lastly, happy belated CNY to everyone, is time to tie up with works!!!

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