Friday, July 22, 2016

JB| Yong Ming wedding

Hello everyone!

Let's talk about Yong Ming wedding day. 

On 25 June 2016, I went to my first class in Taylor college for my paper. I wasn't concentrate at all coz it's Yong Ming day. Around 12pm, told my lecturer that I need to leave early, grab my bag and lunch (bread, nah!), ran to my car and here I go... Johor Bahru!

The wedding held at Hotel Jen Puteri, Johor Bahru at 7pm. I drove all the way from KL by the way. This was the first time I drove over to JB from KL and arrived after 4 to 5 hours drive, no speedy guys!

Met Shin at the Larkin Sentral and Jen was the late comer as usual. There was a story behind the late coming scene. Here you go...

Few days before the wedding, Jen told Shin to buy earlier bus ticket so that they can meet up and have delightful breakfast together at JB. Jen was confident that she will be there earlier and both of them started to plan on the first meet up scene, where, when, how to meet each other, had what kind of breakfast together in the GROUP CHAT. Imagine how sad I am while both of them discussing something which I couldn’t involve AT ALL!! Oh well, Jen always way to confident that she wouldn’t be late for the meet up, and KARMA did happened.

Shin was the one left behind and Jen stuck in the jam at the kastam when she is out of Singapore. LOL! This is so funny, and ended up me and Shin met up before Jen. I couldn’t stop tease Jen until she got regretted and ask for forgiveness HAHAHA!

"Hey! Where are you Jen?"

I should stop teasing her in case KARMA.

Selfie while Jen went to check-in for our room at the Tune Hotel. This is what you get when you are late from this. Punishment dude!

PS: Regret that I didn't sleep well all the time, pimple + black eyes bag T__T

"Alright, one picture only, Jen!" HAHAHAHAHA

Room no.: 311 ( I guess!)
Duplex room: RM156

And guess what?

Duplex room means family room means WE HAD LINKED ROOM!!!

We got really surprised that the room was really damn big. This is the first room with double bed and..

Another room with two single bed.

Ngek! Jen gonna be the one sleeping alone here. LOL! PS: In the end Shin slept alone here coz she couldn't fall asleep with us, and you know why zzzz...

The "breakfast" that Jen bought to get forgiven from us. Kamsahamida! My favourite is the chocolate chip with chocolate, double chocolate means yummy!

Pattern more than badminton

As usual!

We discovered some useful tips for roadtrip while waiting for Jen to cross the road and find us. LOL! The power of right angle. #bestroadtripangle


Around 6pm, we headed to Yong Ming wedding with Shinyi and her husband, Peter. As usual, Waze brought us to some weird places, so near yet so far!

We turn from point A to point B and hi point A! WTH? 

Can't you just show something correct just once? Damn it! Then Peter got fed up and drove all by himself and yeap! We reached our destination without the help of Waze. 

Love this so much

JLS was attending #yongmingwedding2016 at Hotel Jen Puteri. The wedding theme is more on garden and vintage style. The place was nicely decorated, and those flowers are made of papers!

Having picture with the picture of yongming hanging there. The wedding picture was splendid.

And the happiest moment was when meet up with friends that I never meet since graduation. Hi Jia Ming, long time no see. And she has been proposed few months ago, congratulation!

Photo with Jia Ming

And Leonard.

And hey! The #justmarried Shinyi yo!

With Shiou Ting, Jia Ming and Shinyi!

The wedding was full of love, especially the moment when they show the picture of both of them from young.

I teased Yong once on how he asked Ming for picture on the very first time. And surprisingly both of them knew that they were going to have picture together on that same day. Heart-to-heart? LOL!

Anyway, congratulation to both of them and I finally have time to blog about something.

I just need to stop here, and I will blog more on the mini road trip if I have time again. Au Revoir!

PS: The mini road trip was really awesome, just hope tomo will have one again.


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