Saturday, July 11, 2015

Trip to Boracay 4: Sunset sailing


I have been hiatus for quite sometime due to my recent workload. Crazy deadline and tasks that never end forever. Oh well, life goes on.

However, today I was quite in blogging mood, so here goes my Boracay trip post that I have shared halfway previously.

The miracle Sunset that make all our mind peacefully. After the island hopping that we nearly lost our life (blogged previously), we went Sunset sailing. This is kinda mind therapy!
This is how behind the scene for a nice selfie lol! Sacrifice the way of position just for that, I salute those people who really into it. No offense ok?

In the middle of waiting our tour guide to be here. She already helped us to book for the sunset sailing activity.

The sailing boat is all ready, and we are going up to!


We are up, and tomo5achi was at the same side. And we need to balance the sailing boat in order not to let it fall. The another three (Jane, SY and LC) were at the another side coz there is one outside guy there which balance the whole freaking thing!

I tell you what, I'm freaking out. If we fall, my camera will say good bye to me plus we just got our life back and I don't want try again.
Wefie with Bee and you can see I'm quite nervous here. It was shaky and the wind was strong.

Wind was too strong but...

I'm not scare anymore coz the sunset is here...

It is worth for a try!!!!

Sailing in the boat and enjoy the scenery, mind therapy!!

The sunset is being more and more and...

My mind was so freaking peaceful!

With Bee again coz Ting was really busy with her GoPro that day. You know, her boyfriend. Hahahaa!

It is around 45 mins ride, and we are just we are just in time to see this, perfect timing!

#GoPro with sunset.

PS: feel wanna grab one GoPro as well *dilemma*

The last one before we headed back to the shore. Time flies when good thing happened.

And again with my roommate Bee lol! If know why if you read my last blog post.

We reached at the seashore and I'm all wet! Jumping down from the sailing boat and the wave was way too strong, so here goes a wet pants and inner pants! Ahhhh.. Feeling so cold all night.

Never give up taking photos of this beautiful scenery before it is all gone in few seconds.

Group picture that taken by our tour guide.

Second picture with postures lol! *peace*

Then the tour guide said let's jump! Ha! Here goes, JUMP!!!

The best picture of all, and I love it so much.

After the sunset sailing, we went to this BBQ restaurant for our dinner.

This is very famous in Boracay, the name is something related to I Love BBQ. Short term memory always make things wrong. Lol!

Anyway if you are interested just s
Google for best or famous BBQ in Boracay.

The onion ring that is super big.

Pork BBQ with egg.

And my spaghetti that is too oily.

BBQ seafood is the best.

Basically everything taste almost the same in Boracay *serious speaking*.

Either salty or oily. >.<

The dinner was so-so, and after that we headed back to D'dalipapa, the famous night market in town.
There are many stalls in this place, and basically all stalls sell the same items and almost same price. From keychair to small bag to hand bag to shirt to bikini to all sort of things that you want is here! Even the snorkeling set is here too. Freaking wanted to get one but they said the quality isn't very good there, so say good bye to it.

As I mentioned all the items is the same and almost same price, so either you buy here or buy at another stall. That's it.

I wasn't in that mood that day, I bought some of the sorvenirs and shirt for tomo, and I started to feel cold (I was all wet remember) and wanted to pee, like seriously. I couldn't find any place to pees, there is either the toilet is too far away or the restaurant doesn't allow to share the toilet if I didn't purchase anything from them. Gosh!

Then I told them I wanted to pee, please be fast. At first the feeling of pee was mild, but as time pass the urge is getting more and more, you got what I meant right? I was frustrated and they brought me their toilet station which is goddamn scary, and I dare not to walk in at all. I was pissed off and asked them to please be fast. My bladder is exploding OK???

But there is no sign of moving, and we walked and walked and walked until they finally done their shopping! T______T

We already planned to meet Ting's sis at the Yellow Cab restaurant which near our hotel.
After this picture, here goes my good bye to them. And Ting also wanted to pee so we rushed back hotel and phew.. The feeling of relief!!!!

It like finally I'm done, I'm free for suffering for one freaking hour!!!

After all done, we headed back to the Yellow Cab again to meet them for the pizza. Seriously, I was too full. Lol!

I forced myself to eat some of the pizza and don't ask me nice or not cox I just swallow. Lol!

The ah gua show that we missed in previous day. But we still miss the first day ah gua show, so funny!

This is girl show lol!

After all this, we went to the local night club to enjoy the environment. And it wasn't a pleasant one but a nice experience tho.

I don't drink so a bottle of mineral water was too good for me. Ting throw out that day due to too much intake of food lol!

This was the last night in Boracay, and we yet to pack at that moment. Back hotel at 1am and continue our packing before end the day off.

By writing this post, it reminds me of many memories in Boracay, when the next trip friends?

PS: next trip would be Songkra, Thailand. Yohoooo!!

OK that's end my trip.


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