Saturday, May 9, 2015

Babyzillar on board

Hello hello!

I'm so happy coz today is a special outing with him. Long time no see yo! It's been so long I last meet him, probably five months?

I miss him so much omg! 

We met at Ichiban Ramen around 2pm just now, and he was late. Emmm..

Ordered the roasted pork ramen for my lunch, and...

And Soba which tastes much better the one I ordered.

I waited him for like 20mins and he finally came!!!

I miss HIM so much....

 Him! Baby Jameson!

 I have not seen him since January, and finally he came!

 Our second picture of the year.

 And he don't let me to talk wth? Y u so cute one??

 Shinyi the babyzillar finally met him and she was really happy!!

 Baby Jameson damn love her as well.

 He got really happy when Shinyi carry him. How can? Y u don't like me to carry? Lol!

 Awww.. Those eyes that make us melt.

Jameson: who are you to wefie with me huh?

 Not willing to wefie with us. Hahahaha!


 This little one can't stop moving around, and he is getting so strong now. Can't really stop him moving already.

 Although he is damn active, but he still very guai (nice) to us. How cute is that!

 He kept biting his pacifier sideway, so funny.
Look at the babyzillar Shinyi. She was laughing non stop with all these wefie.

PS: babyzillar had a great news for all of us, she is getting married!!!!! Everyone was really happy and we talked about how the ROM will be going on.

They talked about the ROM procedure which is quite funny. You know what, in order to registered as husband and wife, you need to submit your picture to the registrar and they will paste it on the bulletin for those who disagreed to take off. Once the picture has been take off, that's mean the registration is not longer valid whereas picture that pass through 21 days without anyone taking off will go for ROM. Lol!

I never heard of this until today, quite funny!

I guess no one will do on purpose for the picture on the bulletin board, if so, that's mean he or she is way too free isn't? Hahahaha!

Anyway, I pretty looking forward for the babyzillar marriage next year. Wish her happy always!

PS: seawhysea wasn't there with us and she missed lots of good times today with Baby Jameson! Too bad!! Hope you are able to come back next time.

Ok. End here and it's time for bed!

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