Friday, August 28, 2015

Cafe hopping : Alley No.5 五号!

Hello everyone!

It's been a long time I'm not blogging anymore. Geddit geddit? A combination of song lol! Alright I know is super lame but it kinda of funny. 

Lots of things has happened around me, work, family and friends. But that's alright, we will gone through everything Someday. Somewhere. Somehow.

Just thinking about how others suffer then you will feel much better after that. This is what always motivate me, thinking the prior bad to ease the current situation. Good right?

Anyway, that's not point of today's post. My point is ALLEY NO.5 五号, a cafe located in my hometown, Malacca. 

Last Saturday, Jen jio (invited) me to go for Inside Out, the best Pixal movie I would say, watch it please! Anyway, after the movie we sort of clueless which cafe we gonna go, and boom Jen thinks of the Alley No.5 from her sis. 

 So here we are in the second hand book stall, nah! I don't even remember there is such book stall in Malacca, when Malacca has become so much fun? Lol!

They sell all sort of second hand book, but nothing interest me too bad.

Is around Jonker Walk there if you are interested. That area lah!

 Finding for the cafe for like hours, emmm probably one and a half hours. Seriously!

It located at somewhere people name is as ghost gate. It scare me out with the name at first and insist not to mention the name to those local shop uncle (I'm a local, but I seriously don't know about all this, failed max), and surprisingly everyone knows about ghost gate street. Lol!

How come ah?

 There is super traditional shop just right beside Alley No.5. Very traditional items for baking.

 This is Alley No. 5 yo! Oklah, I ordered this lemonade instead of coffee. Got reason one, first weather is HOT, second I love COLD drink and lastly I'm NOT coffee lover. Hahahaha!

 But Jen ordered coffee so we still have nice picture for the coffee ok?

Spent like hours just to capture the nice coffee served by them.

According to Jen, they served the best coffee in Malacca which is good. And I think their pattern also very pretty as compared to others. You don't compare with those KayElle of coz, we are small city with lotsa historical memory remember?

 Agnes captured this ang mo writing some sort of travel logbook. How cool is that. I have one but mostly being done after the trip emm.

Is like a nice picture with an ang mo sitting there waiting something nice. Why whatever ang mo is so nice one? Lol

 Not like us, pattern also kinda weird hahahaha!

 Oh ya, their menu is written is black board with white chalk. So tradition and it reminds me of my school days with the Tomo and friends in the classroom. So much memories flash back.

 Basically the place quite small, can only serve 1, 2, 3 or 4 tables only. Not much and I hope is still the same without tourist ruined the situation.

No offence OK?

I just like the way it is, no changes at all.
 Selfie with Agnes phone, y IPhone always snap so nicely one. Ha-ha!


 Jen never stop her camera shutter from us stepping in this cafe. NEVER say NEVER.

 And finally she said let's wefie. Lol!

 I love the coconut as a decoration, is soooo I don't know how to describe.

Another wefie before I end this post.

Took like 4 wefie I guess, lol. Gonna asked the rest of the Tomo come and I think the whole Alley No. 5 will collapse with us inside.

I told Jen before Tomo have enter the cafe, everyone knows we are coming. Too loud I would say but is sooo fun!

PS: Ting finally coming back soon yo! Tomo gathering gonna full attendance soon. 

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