Thursday, April 16, 2015

Travel: Boracay Philippines Day 3, Island Hopping


The third day in Boracay is Island Hopping day!

I'm very excited on this coz after Mabul Island, I already in love with snorkeling and very excited to see the sea creatures beneath the deep sea! Awww.. 

Island Hopping is basically we hop from one island to another. 

The first stop and the seaside is so awesome!!! It looks like a picture of drawing, and look at the crystal clear water, goddamn awesome!!

We sat on a boat and start our island hopping after that.

A boat that look like this.

Selfie with the breathtaking scenery.

Top: I Love Boracay T-shirt bought in D'Talipapa the day before.
Inside: of coz full set swim suit lah! Lol

Puka cave is where our first stop and is around P20 per trip to the cave.


Outside the cave was a breathtaking scenery.

Group picture before enter the cave.

Then inside the cave was quite a disappointment.

Show us this kind of crystal inside the cave.

After the Puka Cave, we hopped in to our boat to continue our island hopping and we went Crystal Cove this time.

Heading to the Crystal Cove

And another scene that we WOW on.

Way to cove 1 and 2, but we only got to see the cove 1 instead of both. T___T

Look at the picture and you will understand how excited I am to see all this by my own eyes. *blink eyes*

The seaside outside Puka Cave!

And I so in love!

Continue with Crystal Cove, and so sorry that I'm blogging using phone so the picture is disorganized lol

Another crystal clear water, y their water so clean one?

The best selfie scene ever.

Even their wall are unique.

Blue, green,light blue and green again..

Something that look like Maori statue

The sign that make this place awesome!

Wefie at Crystal Cove!!

We went snorkeling like twice in this whole island hopping journey, however, it wasn't a good one.

The first stop was in the middle of nowhere, and there is not much things except the coral and some small fishes. Moreover, Bee doesn't get to snorkel because her snorkeling set spoil and the water kept go into her mouth. Damn!!!

Then second stop was the  Crocodile island where tragedy happened here. Everyone was so panic and don't know what to do at all.

We went in the water without any delay like first one, and Ting was the first one to swim over the boat and got too far away. I catched up with her but something bad just happened. After I swam toward her, the wave got strong, like real strong, so I turned back toward the boat. However, the wave was too strong, and I couldn't even reach the boat even though I swam so hard.

Just imagine those that don't know how to swim, it got really dangerous.

I saw the rest of them was in the boat, and I couldn't reach there plus Ting, her sis and friend is now nowhere. They had been together and the wave was too strong for them to even swim back omg!

The boat driver came and save me, and he like my angel that day. Save me and I nearly kill him coz I'm too panic after drinking the sea water in the middle of swimming back. Gosh! When the person asked me to swim back myself, I got really scare and said I cannot! I cannot! The person wanted to save the three of them that time but I couldn't even calm myself omg!

I just hope three of them were alright that time after I have been save by one boat pass by. I got really worried for Ting and the rest. Sitting alone in the boat of strangers make me feel so weird, and everyone stared at me like I'm monkey from the sea. Wth?

And I remembered one of them just asked me something regarding to the incident. They were discussing on whether our boat drive can successfully save Ting and the rest or not, and they were discussing as if I don't know what they were talking. =___=

I understand mandarin OK?

Anyway, after I got up in that boat, I saw Ting and the rest being save by our boat driver. The feeling of relief just came to me, lucky nothing has happened. Thank God and Guan Yin!

Everyone laugh out real loud after I went back to our boat, the feeling of relief from everyone. The boat driver was really mad at us coz he said we can only swim inside the bamboo stick, but he doesn't even mention before T____T


We were told that there is some real dealth incidence happened at there before, but I guess the news has been covered up. Dangerous.

The wefie we had before the incident happened and we were too cold with the strong wind!

Selfie in the sea, spot me?

Left to right: Lee Chin, Ting and me! Bee wasn't here coz her snorkeling set spoil remember?

This is taken on our first snorkeling.

Picture taken by Ting Go Pro!

After the second incident, we got really afraid of wave and refuse to go in to the water again. Quite sad things actually.

Anyway, the island hopping was quite a disappointment for the snorkeling part.

There were be another activity after the island hopping... Stay tuned for another blog post.


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