Friday, April 3, 2015

Travel: Boracay, Philippines day 1


I'm here to blog about our third day journey in Philippines. 

After suffering for two days in Philippines, we finally reached the heaven, Boracay! That's our purpose for the whole trip tho we wasn't really sure how the activities in Boracay. 

Woke up damn early the next day after Bee's incident, super sleepy and guess what we finally earlier than Tong's sis this time. Like once in a million time, they are too puncture I must say *thumb up*

Anyway, we are rushing to the airport to check in our luggage and plane. Spent around one hour flight from Manila to Boracay, and to be honest, I don't really remember the look of the airport!! I'm way too sleepy, and slept the whole journey to Boracay.

Reached Boracay airport around 12pm and for your information, we need to take a van to the harbour which cost us around P200 per person, and I'm not encourage you to get the van and boat package coz it slightly expensive. 

 Tofie around with Tomo.

Wefie and where Sheng Yi looked at?

It took around 2 hours to reach the harbor then we need to rush to buy the three ticket, terminal, environmental and boat ticket in order to take a ride to the island. 

Three ticket cost around P200 so is consider cheap I must say.

Another 20 mins ride to...
The paradise!!! We finally reached Boracay after so many transport and took us approximately three hours just to reach there.

By the time we reached Boracay, it already 4.30pm and Ting's sis suggested to have a proper meal instead of their famous muffin.


Gerry & Grill, the place where we had our first proper meal after having so much tragedy at Manila.

Outside view is so awesome!

Inside as well. A small place but the food is great!

Sauces that we can used to mix and match.

Selfie never go wrong with my baby!

That's out food fund of the day! I felt so rich there, and everyone can be rich with their note. Lol!!!

Four season fruit juice is so refreshing.

The very first dish arrived that make us goddamn happy😜😜😜

It tastes heavenly ( i think is because we had really bad food in Manila so everything turned out so delicious in Boracay) and we finished up all in few minutes! 😱
The Philippines signature dish and I felt is alright for me, but it was not a favourite for the rest. Too bad!

The super big portion seafood rice, and this is only for two persons. Crazy or what?

Grill fish that tastes just alright.

Pork belly, not my food and no comment.

My watermelon juice tastes just like watermelon. It so real and refreshing, coz most of the fruit juice in Boracay is fresh from the fruit itself instead of artificial juice from nowhere.

After the awesome dinner, the sun is almost set and all the sailorman bringing their padsager to the middle of the sea to enjoy the awesome sunset ever!

Walking around in station 2 and saw this funny bar sign! Hahaha!!!

The Grerry and Grill restaurant is located just besides Starbucks! It located in station 2 by the way.

A moment of relief!

The dog that we often see in the beach!

Everyone was so excited to see this, and it is soooooooo breathtaking.

Panaroma view!

Unfortunately, there is too many people standing there enjoying the view. We went on peak season where Boracay has the most people there. 😤😤😤😤

Most of them are from Korea and China, and some of them like us are from Malaysia and some Europe country.

Cannot stop selfie until the sun is totally set!

Left few more minutes to set, and everyone still not giving up!!

Another sunset picture with lots of people behind!!! Why so many people one?

My leopard print slipper I bought just for this trip.

Omg! This is breathtaking i must say and regretted not to take more picture on this. Sigh!

The famous Real Coffee in town!

And their famous is the signature Calamansi muffin lol! Why named the shop as Real Coffee instead of Real Muffin or Real Calamansi Muffin? Hahaha!

Basically Calamansi muffin is lime muffin which is quite special coz mostly we had orange or lemon muffin instead of this.

It tastes just like lime in a wet muffin, is all good! Not very special but I love it.

Located at station 2 as well, after a few walk from Grerry and Grill.

Went to the Gelato shop as well, and still in station 2! Lol!!!

It so hard for us to get moving instead of buying more food to stuff into our stomach. You know dessert always reserved for girl stomach! Haha!

I ordered the the mango ( their famous) and yogult! Omg! I love it soo much.

The keychair that we bought as souvenir.

After buying all this souvenir, we headed to the must-try Aria.
Aria Restaurant is basically an Italian cuisine restaurant where they sell most of the pizza and spaghetti.

Their pizza is the famous one!

Seafood pizza is our fourth round dinner.

And finally we had the most famous drink in Boracay, the green mango smoothie!

You must try, you must try, You must try this freaking awesome juice!!!!!

It so refreshing and I love the sourness of the green mango. It my favorite right now!

I wonder why their fruit juice can be so real and ours can be so fake.

We went to Starbucks after the awesome meal in Aria Restaurant for the tour guide to brief us on the activities we have in Boracay for the following days!!!

I was really excited coz most of the game was my favorite and I really choose it carefully lol!

Anyway, that's will in the another entry not here.
Before end this, let me take a selfie!


Ok, ready for work bye!

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