Saturday, March 21, 2015

Random: Just a sudden thought

Traveling partner is very important, and this is what I always agreed on.

Years ago, I didn't really care who I travel with, whether we are match or able to travel together or not and etc. Things like that just did not come to my mind, and I always say yes to travel no matter how. But now, I did think twice on the partner part. I haven't had a real bad travel partner yet, not even bad until I lost my mind. I'm an impatience girl, and it is easy to break my record. So far so good.

What comes to my mind on this?

I have a friend who travel alone with someone who she thought is good enough to travel with but end up she regretted and say no again.

I heard lots of this-kind-of-cases where they end up not good anymore and won't talk about travel again. An article said that choose a partner to travel is crucial. I agreed!

Another case is where the couple broke up after traveling together omg!

Then I come to think of it seriously for my every travel partner. Not-really-a-serious-one, sometimes just can't say no anyway.

But lucky I have a bunch of good travel partners that I always say yes to them.

The Tomo!

We just so coincidentally decided to travel to Penang together after our semester break, and why not 6 or 7 people for that trip? I just can't remember.

Just five of us, bought two-way tickets from Melaka to Penang, lost my purse a day before we go, go to the police station and make a report, and back home around 11pm, slept for less than an hour and embarked to our destination.

On 19 year old, five of us just leave the house and begin our first ever bagpack group trip together. We don't even know about the place, Jen was the travel tour guide with half pass six standard. Getting ourselves a mini compact camera and valuable Penang map from Komtar, walking around the places in the hot weather, and almost melted in the middle of nowhere.

Stopping the buses across us, jumping into bus and go to the next destination and this memories just can't forget. Eating the first ever "toilet bowl" cheese rice and regret so much. Salute in front of the government building..... Lotsa memories flash back.

Video some stupid video introducing Penang. Haha!

Then in 23 years old, we went to Sabah and I have the most wonderful snorkeling with Tomo. The beautiful scenery beneath the sea, the coral, the fishes, and the STAR fish! Remind us of Shin who doesn't join us that trip. Went up to the Kundasang with Jen's grumpy face but end up smile happily with those cowl at daily farm. Eat ice cream and drink milk in the cold weather, and got really stressed out with the night scene in Kundasang.

Lotsa photo being captured.

24 years old, first road trip to Sekinchan with sudden plan. Just five of us, Bee being driver, Jen the navigator, Shin the listener and Ting and me the singer. Listennnnnnn....

Singing so loudly with Jen's favorite song. First karaoke song with Tomo, and we really felt so old.

Throughout the years, technology has taken away the map we had in Penang, and Waze is the lead. Using Waze around, and reached every place with tons of photos, tofie and etc.

We just being so nice to each other. Just hope more travel together.

Tomodachi rock! And remember Ting and I had created Tomodachi just by looking at the Japanese language text book I had in my house.

Tomo forever!

Just a thought....

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