Sunday, March 15, 2015

Random: Great catch up with the girls


I've been hiatus since Christmas 2014, and it's about 2 months plus I guess. Hence, now imma gonna blog about the catch up yesterday with the girls. And I yet to announce that I got my baby in Feb!!!! 

Baby Sony alpha a5000!!!!! 

Considering buying a semi pro cam for like 3 years, and finally I bought for the sack of going travelling with nice picture back home. Lol!

Here are some picture using my baby, showing off hahaha!

 A random flower that I love. 

 It is a selfie kinda camera, and it suits me well. Selfie with the girls at M Concept cafe in Melaka.

 My fresh beetroot drink from M Concept, and it tastes just like my mom's.

 Rum and raisin cheesecake by M Concept. Well, this is soooo yummy!!!! Omg..

 Long time no see Jen!

 Chapter 2, and where chapter 1?

 Nutella waffer. Not really the best haha!

I love their decorations so much, very vintage.

 Last, a selfie with my sis.

Supposed to ask her help us selfie but then she came in the picture instead of helping lol!

PS: getting really tired nowadays, and I just finish badminton session with sis. *yawn*

Need enough sleep please!

OK bye!

PSS: imma going to blog about my trip to Manila and Boracay, Philippines. Adventurous trip ever in my entire life.

Stay tuned!


  1. hi,may i ask how much you bought the sony a5000..becous i m interesting on the pink colour a5000 XD

    1. About RM1650. I will do a blog on that.

    2. About RM1650. I will do a blog on that.