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Travel: 71 Gramercy, Manila, Philippines with the girls

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I'm so excited to share some of the picture from our vacation in Manila, Philippines. Manila is the capital of Philippines, a place that more like town area yet in my opinion the scariest place I ever had. 

A town full of beggars asking from penny, either kids or adult. Basically kids who is scarier than the adult, and they are really poor country. Well, I've no right to judge their quality of life, and I bet they don't really want this kind of life coz they just homeless. 

Before I went to Manila, I thought that it wasn't a bad place, a town area with more and more church to visit. A place that we really can tour on. I know I'm wrong!

My mom had friends from Philipines, and some of them really very aggressive and fierce. They fight, argue with loud voice, and I know why now. If you are not aggressive enough, you will lost in Philippines especially Manila. OK. That's my thought and kind advice for those who want to travel to Manila. 

First day in Manila wasn't a good one, it was good at the beginning and nothing is good after that 20mins ride to hotel. We stayed in Riviera Mansion Hotel, and it is located at the street full of food and "someone who really work for money". That's it. No comment on the location but the room is very good. 

After we reached our hotel, all of us get ready for the first dinner in Manila.

The 71 Gramercy! 
The night view from the level 71!

Talking about the the ride to 71 Gramercy drive me crazy. Get a cab, and the cab driver doesn't know the location. Damn! We double confirmed with him that whether he know the place or not, and he actually said YES! Wth?

Four of us actually got really scare and Ting was at the other cab with her sis.

Why he can't admit that he doesn't know the place?

We kept scolding in Mandarin and threaten the guy with some specific words such as police, hotline, complain and etc. And we kept double confirmed with him, and he ignore me!!!!!


I really damn scare coz Sheng Yi wasn't in good mood that time, and Bee was in front. One thing I don't like their cab driver is that they actually very hamsap, like to look at girls with short pants and dress. Omg! The whole ride was a tragedy! I mean the whole trip.

Took about 2 hours for 5km ride!

At last we just gave like P200 for that ride and no matter what he argued. *feel like wanna hit him*.

Change some mood and look at us in our room. The room looks damn nice I tell you.

Well, my first meal in Manila, Philippines and it taste suck! Well, mine was alright, still edible but the rest of them got really suck food especially Jane's carbonara spaghetti and Bee's chicken. Omg! Either too salty or tasteless.

Face before I eat that stupid thing!

Ting's Seafood risotto and it was edible at first and got really greasy at the end. Not a favorite food of mine.

Wefie with my baby Sony Alpha a5000 and I love it so much.

This is the best food I had at there. The bread is soft and the whole meal bread was alright. Better than the main course I would say. Much better!

But the view was awesome. Night scene always go right on the top.

Tofie with Bee the so called room mate.
We are the first one to get ready for the dinner ok? Always the fastest in Manila. Lol!

#ootd lol! Just for that night, and the rest of the day was normal clothes haha!

Coffee beans iced lemon tea from MALAYSIA! Wth?

Jane and Ting bought this and proudly present to us, but in the end they realize it was product of Malaysia.

#gophilippineboughtmalaysiaproduct #speechless #sofunny #notagooddrink

Went to their 7-11 and got these chocolate for our first tea time in Boracay.
This is our room and it was so cozy which I actually like. Good job Ting and Bee!

By the way, my photo was not in sequence so just bare in mind.

So this is just after our dinner and get some crazy wefie before bed.

Tofie with Ting. Wink wink eyes eh?

The night really so damn nice. Light and building...

At level 71 and end of the dinner part.

Now talk about going back to the hotel, and we got a cab. The cab driver this time was quite nice, but he actually cheat us! Argh!! Why like that one?

At first we get in to the cab and he said is by meter, then after few move he doesn't even on the meter omg! And when we already realized he said he doesn't even mentioned about meter. Ish!

They just dishonest people on earth. Ting and her sis got a cab that use meter and you know what it cost only P136 instead of P200 for that stupid ride.

I know it is insignificant for that differences, but the thing is he actually cheat us. Cheating is wrong OK?


My first day wasn't a good one in Manila and more to come in the next blog post.

End here first.

Last picture is my selfie in 71 Gramercy! 


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