Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Super angry post!!!


Good day to you but not to me. I'm so.mad right now and cannot stop typing.

I just back from home, and received a whatsapp message from one of the senior asking me whether I'm able to attend the meeting held tomorrow. So I asked my current senior whether I'm able to attend or not. I replied to the senior and said I think I won't go for the meeting tomorrow even before my current senior reply.

So, here the situation. I'm in difficult situation. One, I need to finish my work before going for the training on Friday. Two, I need to attend the meeting.

Alright, so I asked the senior is it compulsory for me to attend the meeting, and she replied yea, supposed so. You need to alert the issues being discussed during the meeting. I think since she already said so then I should go, and I replied ok, I'll go tomorrow. 

Ok! Am I being rude here? This freaking crazy senior replied me Audit is not a game! Why you so drama? I really cannot stand anymore!! I mean I nicely replied you, and this is what you told me? Am I fooling around with my work?

Who the hell are you to judge me like that?

Just can't stop thinking how mean she is. Did the message offended her? I mean come on lah, I don't even type something nasty. I'm just thinking whether to go or not to go only. If I go, my work here can't complete, if i don't go, this is what I being treated. Shit!!!!!

Life so imbalance.

But I still don't understand why she said that? I didn't work with her before, probably one or two days. I didn't fool around also. Damn!!

Already feel stress now. How am I going to work with drama queen????

Damn freaking emo man.

Alright finish complaint. I feel better now!

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