Sunday, October 19, 2014

Barbeque + Aug baby birthday + meet up with girls!


This is a super delayed entry that I wanted to blog for so long, and I only realised this after I accidentally scroll through my photo album. How could I forgot about this? That's was Ting the August baby birthday celebration with tomo. 

Okok, I know we were totally late for her birthday which is on August, but at least we celebrate right? She is totally okay with it, or she is not emmm???

 We have lotsa instax picture, and all thanks to Bee who brought the instax camera. How wish I could buy one...

By the way, the quality of these instax picture are quite good although is already expired. HAHAHA!!!

 Nah! This is the birthday girl,and I bet most of you know who is she. Ting the queen, this is what she called herself. Lol

 Wishing to have a better life.

 And yeap, picture before the BBQ started. The cake is from the Yeast Bakery Shop, Melaka.

 Food for Five. Is really exaggerated, and we have literally cut down the portion to one person per dish, but why still so many food? =_____=

Oh ya, we were having this so called party at Shin's house. She "invited" us to have it at her house, coz she lazy to move from her house to others. Sweat to the max!! Anyway, is still good to have a venue for this party.

Ok, back to the portion part. So, after we placed our food on the table as shown in the picture, Shin's dad was like so..where the rest of them? They are not coming yet? 

We got really confused, and claimed that no one is coming except the tomo. I can see how surprise the dad was. Hahahah!!!

We didn't invite anyone for this as this is the tomo gathering and update sessions, so no outsider allowed.

 Gift from Taiwan. Bee bought some souvenir from Taiwan.

The Tomo wefie!

 All caoda (burned) food we have that night. Not all of them are caoda, some eatable one, not that bad ok?

 My specialty Shin Ramen for that night. Shin Ramen + sausages + taufu + fishball + egg + CHEESE!!!!!

Cheese is a must for Shin Ramen coz it will smoothed the spiciness of the ramen. I don't know how to describe but it somehow make the ramen not that spicy anymore.

 Another caoda (burned) one.

 Wefie non-stop when the tomo meet up.

 Too much to do.

 See, not all foods are caoda one, all this are taken by Jen.

 Our phone family potrait.

All of us using different phone, different brand, different style and we decided to take a picture of them together. But we can't ask the phone to selfie right, doesn't make sense at all. So, we used Shin's dad phone to actually capture this.

Ok, *cicak* Shin already snap this picture, and the first thing she does was to send us the picture to us. *sending to our group whatsapp*

We don't bother at this point lah coz we were too busy spamming each other Whatsapp thoroughly, like non-stop sending each other picture of the day, gossiping, making fun.....

We waited the phone picture for like 30 minutes, and it still doesn't go through. Weird! How can the internet connection that bad that day, Shin started blamming the internet connection and checked back her dad phone.

"Shit!" She shouted. All of us got shocked and looked at her in disbelieve. Then she burst into laughter. You know what? She actually send the picture to her DAD'S FRIEND. 


That is why we didn't receive any photo from her, and she blamed the internet connection some more. HAHAHA! Y U SO FUNNY ONE?

We ended this party around 12.30am, and the worst case is Jen's car tyre burst and flat on her way back home. And all of us accompanied her back to Shin's house then subsequently Bee sent her back home.


Before meeting up with tomo, I met up with thr girls again. We supposed to meet up baby Jameson that day, but Miki mommy was too busy with her family so we end up having lunch at our always-must-go-place, the Secret Garden at Jusco. 

Our last gathering was when Baby Jameson at his mommy tummy. It's been so long....

Selfie with the girls and this big head really too skinny.

Then I photoboomed their selfie HAHAHAHA!

I wished to meet up with Baby Jameson one day because he is too cute by looking at the picture Miki Mommy send us today.

I wished we can meet up again girls!

Ok end here. Gonna sleep and fight tomorrow. 

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