Saturday, November 22, 2014

2D1N Road Trip to Sekinchan and Kuala Selangor part 1


I'm back to proper blogging after so long, so yeap, I'm gonna blog about the road trip with tomo few weeks before. 

Everything goes right when there is no plan. As I mentioned before we can't really plan a trip, but a spontaneous plan will always go right with us. 

I was talking about my cousin went Sekinchan the other day, and so sudden that Ting planned the whole trip after that week. Wow! And we really like pop! OK done, hotel booked, and everything is on track. 

On Halloween, Shin and Bee took a bus to KL (Jen said is KayElle LOL, very pattern one) to meet with three of us. Then, we headed to Kuala Selangor the next morning. Freaking damn sleepy coz all of us didn't sleep well the day before.

I "attended" the WWF program at Tesco, Kepong Hahaha!  We were waiting for Ting for something else at there.

Beat spot!

Random picture with random signboard.

Breakfast at Kepong before heading to Bukit Malawati, Kuala Selangor.

Don't really fancy the three color noodles.

10am heading to Bukit Malawati now! All of us really damn excited as this is our first road trip ever.

Spent around 1 hours to reach there.

Five tram tickets for five of us. RM5 per person. And they didn't want me to follow bad!!

They were like where your friend ah?  Why you keep following us? LOL!!! Speechless..

We are at the back seat.. BACK SEAT! geddit? The Korean song... Lol!

Wefie at the counter just to show I'm one of the tomo HAHAHAHA! Just kidding, I'm one of them OK?

Wefie in the tram. The tram can take us to whole Bukit Malawati.

Spot the famous silver leaf monkey there, and their baby is yellow in colour omg! So cute!!!

Random big tress I snapped because it looks so big haha.

Love this rocky stair there, and we miss our tram by the time we finish playing at the field. The tram lefts without us T___T

Love this picture, and Ting was a bit frustrated on this haha!

Coz I keep photoboomed their picture.

Supposed to jump using the timer but whenever we jump, it only fit Shin. Wth??? Then I realized how beautiful is the sun there.

Random canon from long long time ago. The purpose of this picture is the rocky road, soooo nice!

This is the place we spent the most at. Lol! We always spent more time on random green field rather than their specialities. Lol!
We got scared by those monkey. All of them just run out of nowhere, and scare us to the max. Is just like the King of monkey bringing his fellow monkey to the monkey mountain. Scary!!!

But those baby are cute man!!! Dilemma.

The tower we saw at the front door.

Selfie from top because we love the rock so much.

Lying on the rock and wefie.

Selfie with bee, and y your phone can make us so blur and nice one. #nofilterbutstilllooknice!

The famous tower in Bukit Malawati

Any history please Google yourselves OK? We really don't read any history hewithoz we were too busy with that random piece of green field.

The rock that they use for cutting foods, and I think is also used for criminal punishment. And all of us didn't pay more attention for that as well hahaha!


Alright, end here and story next round for the food we had consumer throughout the trip.

End and bye!

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