Sunday, February 16, 2014

Super random that I don't think you even bother to read

Hi, I'm back here for awhile to update this freaking abandoned blog.

I wanted to upload some of the photo here, but it seems like is impossible for me to upload via my phone.  How come it stated fail to open the file? A little disappointed. Hence, here come a normal daily update..or monthly? LOL!

Two months of disappearing was due to variety of reason such as my laptop spoilt and I still in middle of considering to buy a new one or just repair that freaking 6 years old laptop of mine, working life start again, study life gonna start soon tho I still refuse to stuck my head into my study guide material #toolazyforeverything and bascially just too lazy to update here HAHA! I have too much to do and play with.

What had actually happening is that I'm having a great Chinese New Year, and I guess I'll have great year ahead. Too many good news around me and I'm feeling blessed. Alright! My words like running here and there, let me just arrange for a moment

So, as I mentioned I'm having a great Chinese New Year although just a short one in my hometown Melaka. I was really excited on the first day of Chinese New Year, woke up in the morning with dark circle and cookies around me, munched few pineapple tarts, chated with the family, changed new clothes, headed to our first uncle house, had lunch with the family, captured some photo with the cousins and officially start our gamble LOL. We don't even think of visiting that day, only the others visited us and gave us ang pau (red packet). Alright, I did visited momi's besties Aunty Lucy and all sort of food and sweets are being served there and you know what, my little cousins were so happy because they got to eat sweets and chocolate WITH permission! Only for a day.

First day was quite peaceful and I won some penny for next round onward HAHA!

PS: I really wish to share the photo of us, the cousins here, Y U ALWAYS LIKE THAT?

Sigh! I still unable to upload.....

Second day was quite a family day as we are having steamboat freast together and of coz gamble will be main priority! All of us including cousins and friends were really into it, especially one of my cousins, she really can gamble whenever or wherever she is. God of gamble lol

Third day was friends day where we meet each other at the I don't know the name cafe (I'm seriously forgetting the name sorry!), and start our greeting and gossip! But a little too noisy there which I can't hear what they all talking *run and cry*

However, CNY has come to an end on Friday which also the V day others are celebrating. Gonna start my engine and work hard until my study peave! God bless me! I really need the power of working and studying engine, not that working makes me can't work but just that I'm not having the mood!!! Book is here and I'm not reading it. Goshhhh...

I'll write more here. Bye and gonna have my breakfast. I'M SO HUNGRY!!!!

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