Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The best wedding I ever attended!

 because yesterday was my lovely sister wedding and I was one of the sister to treat those brother something good.

I didn't got to snap lots of photo with the bride and the process because I'm way too busy treating the brothers.

Our game mostly was quite normal except one of the brother puke after drank our special colourful fresh vegetables drink with some spices. Hahaha!

The morning session was quite fun and most of thr game was specially designed by us, the sisters and the bride.
Preparing for the dinner, and this is the first I make up for a wedding dinner. Full make up ok? Thank big head aka Yun Chee aka long time no see guest of my blog for make up for me. 

I'm seriously not good in make up, dressing is ok, but not for make up! 

And both of them look so pretty, by the way, the long hair girl is Shinyi aka another long time no see guest of my blog Lol!

 We are the sisters! All of them are so friendly and surprisingly I can click with them so much especially Ming Li (the one in shirt and pants).

She is seriously dam funny and I got her joke as well. So glad to know her and she is brata's coursemate as well. What a small world!

 The flower for us! So beautiful and is real omg! And it is in pink! My favourite colour..

 The bride's princess room. Omg! This is so princessy, I love it so much. 

Pink rose for us! Wow...seriously love it so much, and I still keep it for memory. 

Things that we prepared for morning session and all of us were so exciting. We went to Miki's house around 6am and got so excited to blow all the balloons ourselves.

Blew like 20++ balloons and some burst and some still survive in the end. And you know what I felt sp guilty when those balloons because one of her dog was so scare about it. Pity him, sorry Johnny!

 Went back Shinyi's house and started our karaoke session, goddam tired yet still wanna sing for awhile. Ironic right?

Slept for 30min then continue our wedding dinner preparation. I was so energetic yesterday and I'm super tired today lol!

Last! A must for every blog post
Camwhore for my sis to see my make up face= no difference hahahaha! 

Alright! Gonna ready for dinner later, momi, papa and me are going for satay celup later slurppp! 


Ps: not good in expressing the happiness after so long  not blogging... hope you all don't mind ok? 

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